Oh no! my MC agenda is damaged!

  1. I just took my agenda out of my bag and look at this! The stud on the metal corner fell off. It looks like it was soldered on and I guess that would be a defect. I'm taking it up to Cinci LV on Saturday. What if they wont fix it? :crybaby:

  2. oh nooo :crybaby: i hope they fix it for you!
  3. I am sure they will replace that corner. Don't worry!!!:flowers:
  4. Relax, I'm sure they will fix it for you.
  5. LV is known for their impeccible customer service. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  6. How long have you had it?
  7. I bought it from a PFer less than a month ago, who never used it.
  8. sorry to hear this..but im sure they will fix it for u!
  9. Same thing happened to my black mc. ITs on the back so i didnt know it and when i did it was after the yr. LV told me they could fix it i'd have to leave my agenda :confused1: I refused and left it be. Just shows its loved :P

    How old is your agenda?

  10. Well you are having the worst luck these days, huh?
    It will work out:smile:
  11. date code says may of 06 so it's not that old.
  12. Try to relax, I think LV will do something about it.
  13. I had a zipper on my first cles break like 3 times and I would bring it to LV in NY and they would fix it right there for me......I'm sure they'll make good on it!
  14. wow! I thought the stud was one entire piece with the rest of the metal! i gotta be careful with mine now.....*doh*
  15. I'm sure they'll fix it for you.