oh no my fridge.......

  1. :crybaby:my fridge is broken!

    thanks fridge you picked a fabulous time to breakdown really appreciate it, although at least you did do it before the Christmas food shopping.

    So I have no fridge or freezer right now and I'm going to have to call someone out :tdown: I'm sure these things have self destruct chips that go off just after warranty

    Oh I'd also like to say thanks to my electrically company who think that Christmas is the perfect time to send you a bill
  2. I hope it is a very minor problem and gets fixed fast. What a pain.
    My dishwasher died two weeks ago---I have been washing dishes and dishes and really want to get a new one NOW..... Hubby said we can look this week.
    Before we moved into our house the previous owners switched their new appliances for someone's old crappy ones--so all our appliances are on their last leg. I thought that was a very sleeazy thing to do because when hubby looked at the house they had new appliances.......and that is what we were supposed to get.
  3. Wow that's bad!

    I eventually found someone who can look at it apparently not a lot of people repair my type of fridge wish I'd known that before I bought it

    anyway they are coming out on thursday so fingers crossed it's something tiny and can fix straight away other christmas parties may be off I can't store any food
  4. Thats terrible, hopefully it's not too expensive to fix.

    My parents bought a Kenmore fridge from Sears and it was really awesome for about a year and then it started to fall apart.The doors came off their hinges, the little fridge light melted it's housing and was a fire hazards, and on top of that one of the shelves collapsed. Their old fridge was 20 years old when they replaced it and never had any problems.
  5. Good luck on your fridge!

    At least it didn't happen on Christmas Day! That happened to me once . . . . . My family and I lost power Christmas Day, and my mom felt the same way you did. She was worried about the roast in the freezer. We ended up having Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The power came back on when we returned from the restaurant so my dad and I went ahead with tradition and prepared a Christmas pudding and custard.