OH NO... my BF joined tPF

  1. So now she is going to know my secret purchases that I don't tell her about.

    ALso, I am afraid she will sit at her desk and do nothing but review the forum instead of working. LOL... just like I do.
  2. Well, if she doesn't do her work that's her problem, not yours so I wouldn't worry about that part. As far as the purchases you make; now you know she'll know so don't keep them secret any longer. It's your money and your business what you spend it on. It might end up being lots of fun for you to have a bf that is also on tpf! ;)
  3. Welcome BF!!!! The more, the merrier!!
  4. HAHA I'm sorry... and I think a good # of us spend time on tPF when we should be working!
  5. I know i do! But then again, I'm assigned a specific amount of work over 2 days and when I'm done, I'm done. Or I can fiddle around and stretch the work out over the full two days.