Oh My Slingback vs Stacked Simples

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  1. So, I saw the oh mys at Barneys Chestnut Hill, MA in the Royal blue color I've been hunting for...And they were super comfy! :yes:

    But now this presents a dilemina- every since someone (Fate I think) posted their beautiful patent stacked simples, I had been regretting not ordering the royal blue version in my size. Just 10 minutes ago they popped up on Saks again... So what to do!? :wtf:

    I know I love the blue color, and I'm sure the newer simples will be as comfy as my other simples, but I just can't decided which shoes to buy... Should I go for the blue oh mys or blue new stacked simples!? While I love them both, my bank account was wiped out after Christmas and I can only afford to get one right now... What do you dear CL Lovers think!? I am completely torn...:shrugs: I appreciate any and all advice on this matter! TIA
  2. Well I am not much help, I like them both. I think the comfort level would be fine with the platform. I will have to look again to see if the blues are the same. I beleive you would be happy with either one. Does one JUMP at you more than the other?
  3. No, neither style is a huge standout- its the color! But since both are the same, I'm lost! They are both cute practical styles that could be dressed up or down... I guess, maybe I want to know the overall consensus... Which style is preferred???
  4. Since I am generally partial to closed vs. slingback and platform vs. no platform, the New Simple is the clear winner for me. But if it's all about the color and you can achieve it with the comfy Oh My's, you could save some $$ by staying with those and getting the NS in a diff color later.

    Ok, well, maybe I haven't really saved you any $$ with this logic but you know what I mean...:p
  5. I like the stacked Simple.