Oh my, NAP exclusive patent leather Stam in DOVE

  1. I never saw this one before! NAP always manages to get exclusive styles and colors.

    Beautiful dove grey color in patent leather.

    What do you think??

    1.jpg bk.jpg cu.jpg fr.jpg index.jpg
  2. Sorry. Still looks like a grey frog smoking a cigar to me. ;)
  3. that color makes the leather look cheap for some reason.
  4. I like it!
  5. Mmmmm i got excited reading PATENT LEATHER and was thinking of the 2006 line. but it pales in comparison. the color and leather don't look as good as that line. i'd skip it
  6. lovely colour!
  7. The colour is really lovely, but I am not sure whether it works in patent leather. If the bag was quilted in patchwork style, the patent leather would perhaps look better.
  8. There's just something about this color that just put me off. It reminds me of linoleum floor.
  9. ^ LOL... I can see why you don't like it!

    I got so excited when I saw that it was patent leather, it reminded me of the blush/chalk/cola line.

    But I have to say that the dove grey isn't doing it for me either. I don't like the soft calf bags in light grey with gold hardware as well.

    I really wish this NAP exclusive was a different color! Oh well....
  10. ITA! :yes:
  11. I don't hate it...:smile: . I think the color is a cross between gray and light blue. That or my computer colors are off.
  12. I am not a fan of the dove. It looks like it's dirty to me. I still love the idea of the patent and the stam though, don't get me wrong!