OH MY, Lovely smooshy Ink $999 SP from PFer

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  1. Nanaz WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!! Come and take this baby home:graucho:
  2. I am here. I e-mailed her few hours ago about using any kind of products on the leather but i have not heard from her yet. The leather looks so yummy.:drool:
  3. Wow - that's a lot of photos!
  4. I see it is listed as 'new with tags' but it is used?
  5. Did the BIN price just go up?? I remember it being close to retail.
  6. ^^
    I think so mee4 - the SP lowered by $50, but the BIN went up. Can't rememer the price, but I vaguely remember around retail too?
  7. The BIN was $1299 when the auction started.
  8. BIN is down to $1349 and starting bid price of $949. Honestly, that's a fab starting price with no reserve!! Good luck on your listing thompk!