oh, my husband!

  1. for those of you who read my last moping post, thanks for making me feel better!! :tup: now, here's something for you! :yes:
    last night, my husband was asking me when i'd be coming upstairs & i told him "in a minute, i need to tell the ladies on my "purse page" what i got"...
    HUBBY: "there's a website for people who love purses?"
    me: "yes!"
    HUBBY: "for what? what do you do on there?"
    me:" well we show off our goodies & talk about the new purses & where to get them & all that..."
    HUBBY: "well, okaaaaaaaaay then.. i'll be upstairs"

    i thought it was soo funny the way he said "for people who love purses?!?!" :roflmfao:
  2. That is TOO cute!!!:yes:
  3. My DH hates this website!!! It has cost us too much money!
  4. Husbands are so funny :lol: Friday night My dh was trying to get me to help him paint the kitchen.. I was revealing my my patent ergo.. I kept saying "hold on, just a minute" and he was like "are you on that purse thing???"

    he wouldn't think it was weird for him to be on a fishing enthusiast forum :nogood:
  5. EXACTLY!!! i told him, well don't they have website for guys who love to fish??!! (he was rigging up his lines for today)
  6. LOL. My DH is out on his boat in the carport right now installing a swim step that I bought for him! He didn't get why I have to have different purses either until I asked him why he has three different tackle boxes. Well, they are for different kinds of fish, of course. Well, my different purses are for different social situations or outfits too. I'll take my Carly to Church but never to a movie because I would be afraid of getting popcorn grease on her.
  7. After Christmas when I asked my daugher to take a photo of one of my new bags for me, my husband overheard what we were doing and looked at me like I had finally lost it! My daughter, who is my official purse photographer, thought I was nuts at first too, but now after we post a photo, shes like "oh what did they say? Do they like it?!!" Too funny.
  8. My hubby thinks it's silly but as I told him it's no different than that baseball site you are always on. What could he do but laugh!
  9. One more funny about my DH. Yesterday on the way back from Church I was driving and I handed him Carly. When we pulled up to the house, she wasn't in his lap. I almost freaked out! He said, "Don't worry, she is on the church bulletin, not on the floor. I know better than to put her down without a gasket between her and the floor." A Gasket! I cracked up.
  10. Mine is used to it. Every once in awhile I see him reading the Television forum
  11. my boyfriend just laughs at me if i'm on here.
    & calls me a little stinker. lol.
    it would be a little strange if we shared the same obsession over purses. :biggrin:
    & we spent the night in indy last night @ a nice hotel, but he advised me not to take my coach purse b/c "the housekeeper might have sticky fingers, you never know!"
    so i left it at home.
    is that silly?
    i'm just wondering.
    i took my jc penney's sophia capperelli that was on sale for $45.00 just in case.
  12. haahaa that is so funny, especially since that is almost exactly how the conversation I had with my fiance went when I told him I found a purse forum.
  13. My husband thinks I'm nuts! :pI kept trying to tell him I felt SURE there was a forum out there for people who like muscle cars or one of his other interests. He looked at me like I'd grown 3 heads & said "why would I want to talk to strangers about that?"! :confused1:I realized then he'd never understand!!!:lol:
  14. Dh supports this website. He says I can go on here as long as I dont look at any purses. LMAO

  15. when i took my holiday patchwork gallery tote out, we were in the car, and i was driving.
    i handed it to him and he said, "i'm not allowed to put it on the floor, am i?"
    and i was like, "yeah....as if." :roflmfao: