Oh Lord what did I do? ....a little retail therapy

  1. Ok girls so I am recently on my own. Realizing I don't have to hide any more purchases I think why don't I leave work early and go to the outlet. I deserve it right?

    Well have a looksies at what I bought. My SA was so funny she was very helpful and she thought I was so cute because for a little while I swear I was carrying around half the store. ;) I am so new to coach and I just want to say I love how they wrap everything up so it's like little presents for yourself when you get home. :p

    Ok ok I know you are saying let's get on with the pictures so here you go.....
    cbag1.jpg wrappedgoodies.jpg unwrappedgoodies.jpg closeup1.jpg closeup2.jpg
  2. more....

    oh it was so wonderful almost everything there was 20% off......

    the last picture is the rest of my collection....Ithink I doubled it today lol:yahoo:
    closeup3.jpg collection.jpg
  3. What a great haul!! You did well and I especially love the bordeaux suede hobo - such a rich color. Retail therapy is a very good thing! ;)
  4. You deserved them, right? Enjoy them!!
  5. I love retail therapy!

    Congrats on your great buys and expanding your collection. Believe me, there's more of that to come! :tup: Hang around here long enough and you won't have room in your closet for your clothes!
  6. Very nice! It's always fun shopping at the outlet!
  7. Oh, what is the keyfob with coach spelled out in leather letters? I've never seen that, can I ask how much it was? I want this!
  8. It was $39. It was the only one hanging on the the little rack, I saw it and knew I had to have it. The SA said she had never seen it before either so I am guessing it was new to the outlet. IT IS too cute.
  9. WOW!!!! NICE!!!!! You did a good job, that's what you did! And yup! You deserve it!!!!!!:tup:
  10. Enjoy that gorgeous Coach loot! Everything is sooo nice :smile:
  11. OMG Great haul! I love them ALL!!! Congrats! Lucky you...you deserve them all! :yahoo:
  12. Love your collection!
  13. Thanks everyone! I knew you would appreciate it as much as I do. ;)
  14. Congrats! You've got a nice haul there!
  15. lol thats awesome! GREAT collection!!!!