oh God.. this 1st page is inhibited by fakes

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  1. I think they are scammers on ebay...
  2. yeah... but they're crazy by trying to said that those are authentics with the price of 150$ ? oh God...
  3. Is there some way to easily eliminate those sellers from your ebay searches? I wish eBay had a "exclude these sellers" option on the advanced search -- seems like it would be so easy for eBay to provide that!!! The only workaround I've found is to put a minimum price on my advanced search ... but I hate to think I might eliminate some legit auctions that way - esp. when they are newly listed.
  4. yeah, they're so annoying, and hey don't even put any effort to try seems authentic (which is actually a great thing :smile:) )
  5. those fakes are horrible! :sick:
  6. Horrible!!! Did anyone see the seller with the $120 fakes? I swear it's the same person who relists auctions with stolen pics each time but with a different name(all from China). Look at the feedback and see the people who left them(some are supposedly powersellers, but all their feedback is fake crap feedback!!!). Grrr...these people make me soooo mad.
  7. So annoying!
  8. incredibly irritating...
  9. Awful!
  10. i set my auctions up to list them starting with the most expensive ones - it groups most of the authentic ones near the beginning, although you still have to be careful, but you can still slog through the fakes in the subsequent pages looking for a bargain if you want.
  11. That's what I have to do! I know that when the prices get down to the rediculously cheap ones...I have hit the fakes...that's when I start searching for my STOLEN PICS:rant: !!!!

    Hey...not all Balenciagas on that page are fake...one is mine!:lol:

  12. :biggrin: