Oh dear- Maxx NY copies HH

  1. I thought that HH was independent and small enough to be free from replicas. However, just saw at my TJ Maxx and now on ebay:

    Down to the small "tacks" on the edges and pockets, a copy of the Havana Hobo. Poo- I hope Maxx didn't make too many of these. I like that the HH is so unique.
  2. qvc had another maxx ny version like the one you posted but it was croco embossed. when I saw it, I cringed and knew they had copied HH havana.
  3. wow, I just saw that! It's terrible!!!
  4. Yeah, that ugly piece of garbage was the TSV on QVC a few months ago. Blech.
  5. Ooooo....that's not very good news!
  6. That really sucks. I suppose they'll be showing up on Ebay soon. Do they have the HH button studs or are they just "inspired" right now? Bracelets?
  7. Here is the POS from QVC.com


  8. That is not good.
  9. Oh no! Yuck! :hysteric:
  10. I saw them at Marshall's this past weekend :yucky: ... I also saw Michelle Frantz' Handmaid Carryall, but those were real.
  11. ...These ones are really ugly, I have to say....they are no comparison to the original HH Havanas. And I always wonder: if designers have to be 'inspired' more or less, can they not just be inspired to make something reasonably decent instead of being so presumptuous as to create such monstrous hybrids? :yucky:
  12. Oh no, but I agree that Maxx bag doesn't looks good at all. I love HH.
  13. omg! it looks horrible.
  14. Yuk!
  15. EEEwwww!! Why oh why can't they be original????