OH Dear - Look AT WHAT I JUST ORDERED - With Pics. this time

  1. Sorry ladies - I am a big idiot - I was so excited that I added my pics all wrong. Thanks again for looking!
    Plus the Whiskey shoulder flap - I just love Legacy!!!!
  2. That's a whole lotta Legacy! Congrats!
  3. Congrats, such pretty things. :drool:
  4. Wow! great stuff.
  5. Holy moly! That IS a lot of Legacy! And I LOVE it all!!!
  6. wow, I'm broke just looking at it all! LOL

    great haul!
  7. awesome!!!!
  8. Pretty nice haul!!! Congratulations!!
  9. Do you have any $$ left to eat with?!
    J/K! Very nice stuff. Congrats!
  10. LUcky! Very nice, I'm so jealous :smile:
  11. Love it, Love it! Legacy is still my all time favorite!

    Any chance you'll be eating Ramen noodles for awhile?:yes:
  12. WOAH talk about a splurge!! WTG!!!!! haha. GREAT STUFF!!!! Beautiful!
  13. Good Lord woman! Look at all the pretty Legacy stuff! :drool: Congratulations! That's wonderful. I especially love the slim tote!
  14. Wow, you certainly know how to shop! Love everything.
  15. Wowwwwwwww:nuts: