Oh, Dear. I just spent a lot of money....

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  1. Ok, maybe not a lot. But a lot in a department I don't usually wear: jewelry.

    Ladies, the new silver and white sweet costume jewelry is absolutely fantastic. I have the white charms necklace on the vachette strap (a retarded, whopping $350) and the gorgeous worth every penny ring ($250). Its a fantastic fit and the size is perfect!

    but i just spent $650 of my amarante money! Da**it! i think i need to introduce myself:

    HI! My name is Shaunna, I am a Louis Vuitton Addict.
    now, follow suit:"hi, shaunna......"

    Oh dear.
    Do i retrurn the necklace? I love it, but i hate the da** price tag!

    Love you all, ladies, as always!

    thanks for letting me get thsi off my chest....
  2. Congrats! As my mom always said, never regret what's done. Just enjoy!
  3. If you love it enjoy it & congrats!
  4. Those are such pretty pieces. Enjoy!
  5. I felt the same way, too. I debated and finally decided to keep my jewelry. I'm glad I did because I love the rings and I get lots of compliments! Enjoy the pieces...they're gorgeous!
  6. they sound gorgeous!! pics please!!!!!!!
  7. I'm interested in the jewelry, do you have pics?
  8. If you love them then keep them, don't regret it, life is too short.
  9. I need pics before I can weigh in with my decision :graucho:
  10. :yes: I agree.:smile:
  11. I LOVE them...and it's not that bad....I mean I just dropped that much on a Tiffany necklace this weekend and I think the LV Sweet jewelry is nicer!!!
  12. can't wait to see pics.
  13. If you love them, keep 'em. If you don't love the necklace, then take it back and dream of amarante.
  14. can't wait to see 'em...
  15. keep it!