oh crap - why did I get this for such a good price?

  1. Oh Crap It's Fake!!!

    I Just Saw The Leather Sample On The Tag

    Damn Damn Damn
    Good Thing I Didn't Pay Yet
  2. Seriously? It looked real. That's terrible people do that!
  3. how do I tell the seller I'm not going to pay for this??!

    see the leather tag hanging off the coach price tag?

  4. Leather Sample? What?

    Please tell me why this is fake...it looks good to me....:shrugs:
  5. That's fake?
  6. :wtf:Oh dang! Are you sure its fake? That bites!
  7. Dunno, maybe you could ask her why there is a leather tag hanging from the price tag? If you recieve it, and it's fake, and her auction claimed it was real, you can still get your money back can't you?
  8. i don't think it looks fake? :confused1:
    what tells you that it is?

    p.s. i was going to say great deal, and you can send it to coach and they'll repair it.
  9. hehe...auction doesn't excactly state authenticity.

    i got excited when I saw it...and it was in my watch list for a while...

    damn, i'm usually good with doing my homework...
  10. Oh wow, I thought it was real! The alignment is PERFECT on the bottom as is the creed... if it weren't for the leather sample on the tag, I would have guessed 100% authentic!
  11. Edit: Just saw you said they never claimed it was real. That's lame. Sorry, hope you can work it out.
  12. Wow. If that's a fake, it's a darn convincing one!
  13. I KNOW!!! I think it's one of those AAA fakes
  14. Seriously.. that's scary, because it looks real to me!!!