Official Juicy Couture Chat Thread

  1. maybe it is my body chemistry, because most of my bracelets are still in good shape
  2. I used to be a juicy ADDICT. I even have my juicy water bottle & chocolate bar from the grand opening of juicy 5th ave. :supacool:

  3. Yeah they have a lot of cute things. I'm a little old for most of their stuff, but I love the charms and jewelry and most of their bags.
  4. sorry to barge in on this thread! but i didn't know where else to post. i am thinking about starting a juicy charm bracelet. i am having trouble finding an area of the juicy forum that shows completed bracelets, with the charms on them? or with people modeling them on their wrists?

    i am particularly interested in the juicy starter bracelet "dreaming in color" in Pink. Can anyone guide me to where I can find photos of this color bracelet with charms on it?

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place!

    Thanks in advance for any help :smile:
  5. This older thread has photos of the different ways people wear their charms.

    As far as that pink bracelet goes, I'd start a new thread asking if anyone has it and if they would be willing to take a photo.
  6. Anybody excited for Christmas?

    My new Juicy :smile:
  8. Oops!
    Here is the real picture - it's from my instagram! Boyfriend got it for me for Christmas
    WWF Turtle Necklace
    I absolutely ADORE these little boxes - it even came in a pink pouch as well. Says Juicy Couture donated $20,000 to the WWF this year.
  9. Not sure where to post this, but I am looking for a Juicy Couture Luxe Fairfax Tote in Gold. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one or post this? Thanks!
  10. Do you have a photo?
  11. Hi juicy girls!!

    I am looking to buy a new daydreamer tote (I had loads of juicy before but I went a bit mad thinking that at 23 I was too old - I'm now 24 and nothing has been as good because of the massive space!). Anyway, I noticed the awesome slogan pockets inside ie hello? Shop! And whatever have all gone. Why is this?
  12. I haven't seen those around for long actually, I thought for a while maybe Juicy wanted to change into a somewhat more sophisticated look, but they still sell a variety of pretty gaudy items in my opinion.

    I really like their daydreamer bags to, and I've also been feeling I'm too old for it, since so many people claim Juicy is mainly for teens (I'm 23) but its nice to hear that its not case :smile: