Official Hermes Belt Thread

  1. Thanks for the reply :smile:

    I thought I was using the sides equally, lately I have been using the Box side outermost rather than the Togo side. It's not peeling or exposed at present so that's something to be thankful for. I will see how things go, thank you.
  2. Latest purchase.
    Right side one is Tosca!

  3. Two beatiful belts! Big congrats!! Tosca is such an attractive color!

    What is the color combination in the left pic?
  4. The left is orange with brush gold buckle:smile:
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    The strap, the buckle, 1 box (the buckle in the center and the strap is going around the outside of the same box) and the buckle is inside a pouch.... Like so. And Cites, if the strap is exotic. Period.

    H boutique doesn't sell buckles without the purchase of a strap at the same time. You can purchase a strap without a buckle from a boutique. Have never seen an orange card with ANY H purchase EVER. HTH!
    IMG_2503 (900x823).jpg
  6. Those who want to buy a 42mm belt

  7. Hello I have a question: is a 32MM Hermes Belt bigger than a 42MM belt? Also what is the exact width measurements of a 42MM belt people are telling different width measurements.

    Thanks in advance
  8. Nope. A 42mm belt is wider than a 32mm belt if that makes sense. The buckles are also bigger as well.
  9. Is 42 a bigger number than 32? :giggles: 32mm belt is 32mm wide. A 42mm is 42mm wide... :hugs:

    Now just figure out how big your waist is... and u will know what length to get....

    If you are not used to using mm... use an online measurement converter...
  10. man! so i found the 32MM palladium/silver buckle last week with orange togo/black box belt last week, purchased it, i got it today, but the belt is too short on me!

    i'm 6'3 and wear a 32 waist, i called a local store before ordering and the SA recommended a 90. :sad:

    and now they are out of stock and sold out!

    looks like i'm going to have to wait another few months again and buy a 95. do you think 95 will be a good fit or should i get 100?
  11. Awww... that's terrible. u got it on H.Com? if so, u can get a refund. They have had many belts listed lately.... keep checking.
    Your size depends on where you wear your pants. 95 would be good for dress pants... 100 for casual looks worn lower on the hip. Keep in mind, you can put extra holes in the 100... but obviously can't do anything with a belt that's too short :hugs:
  12. yea it was from, already sent it for a refund.

    i want to use it for both dress and casual, so you're right, 100 might be a better fit.

    will keep checking. :biggrin:
  13. they have added some belts on, they also have the constance as well along with different colors for the belt...but limited on sizes.

    need to click on belts, belts again, then you will see belt clicks pop up.

    no 100 size with plated silver/palladium buckle though :sad:
  14. I thought of you today when I saw all the belt kits. Nothing in your size? :huh: