Seasonal Official Bottega Veneta Early Fall & Fall/Winter 2012/13 - Post pics and Discuss

  1. I love black and everything looks so exquisite!
  2. clothes are beautiful.. u gals are lucky
  3. looks like Gold is the color! Thanks, Jula!
  4. Thank you Jula for putting these up. They are so beautiful. The coming pre fall collection looks promising :lol:
  5. Milan 9.30: Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2012.13

    As usual, first up are the pics from nowfashion (low quality pics), the HQs will be posted as soon as they are available. Enjoy :flowers:
  6. First pics
    01FAll2012.jpg 02FAll2012.jpg 02FAllBV.jpg 03Fal2012l.jpg 04FAll.jpg 05Fall2012.jpg 06Fall.jpg 06FALLCoLSEUP.jpg 07Fall.jpg 07closeup2.jpg
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    07Fallcloseuo.jpg 07Fallcloseup3.jpg 07Fall.jpg 07CLOSEUP.jpg 08FALL.jpg 08FallCloseuo.jpg 09FALL.jpg 09FallCloseu.jpg 10FAll.jpg 10FallCloseup.jpg
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    11-1Fall2012.jpg 11FAll2012.jpg 12FAll2012.jpg 12FAll2012closeup.jpg 13Fall2012.jpg 14Fall.jpg 14FAllcloseup.jpg 14Fallcloseup1.jpg 15Fall.jpg 16FAll.jpg
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    17FAll.jpg 17FAllcloseup.jpg 18Fall.jpg 19FAll.jpg 19Fallcloseup.jpg 19FAllcloseup1.jpg 20Fall.jpg 21FAll.jpg 22FAll.jpg 23FAll.jpg
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    23Fallcloseup.jpg 23FAllcloseup1.jpg 24Fall.jpg 25FAll.jpg 26FAll.jpg 26FAllcloseup.jpg 27FAll.jpg 28FAll.jpg 29FAll.jpg 29FAllCloseup.jpg
  11. The last pics from nowfashion. I think some looks are missing from their coverage....

    First sound bite from Tomas: "We took a very direct approach to the body this season", Tomas Maier, au sujet du défilé Bottega Veneta automne-hiver 2012-2013
    30FAll.jpg 30FAllCloseup.jpg 31FAll.jpg 31Fallcloseup.jpg 32Fall.jpg 32FAllCloseup.jpg 32FAllCLoseup1.jpg 33FAll.jpg 34FAll.jpg tomas.jpg
  12. Jula, you are bad... another nice Cabat... (post #21)...
  13. ^

    Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta autumn/winter 2012
    Covered-up control at Tomas Maier's Bottega Veneta autumn/winter 2012 collection, says Luke Leitch

    Tomas Maier's Bottega Veneta is the most fastidious of Milan fashion houses, rigorous in everything from the perfect symmetry of its trademark thick-knit Intrecciato leather bags, to the edict that its assistants prepare the catwalk wearing socks so as not to sully its perfect whiteness.

    Next winter's collection maintained that rigour in the utterly precise tailoring of its dark, masculine wool jackets with matte horizontal swooshes on the hip. An often black or drably-dark collection of dresses with only subtle decorative detailing - a restrained ruffle here, a pearly flash there - undulated precisely around the bodies inside them. Mary-Janes and shoe-boots were worn over calf-socks pulled up to the same half-way point between knee and ankle where trousers ended. When there was ostentation, it was strictly disciplined - a velvet floral dress seemed to have been treated to suck the vibrancy from its palette. The one more playful moment was a joey-pouch front-only peplum. More muted than last season's wonderful riot of a collection, next winter's Bottega woman is one of utterly elegant severity.
  14. i want the cuffs, the sweaters and the male models to eat a donut too!