Offered 500$ local for 3 bags, LV, Chanel, and MJ. What do you think I should do?

  1. I have three bags that someone offered me five hundred dollars for local. They have no dustbags, no authentication cards,no receipts. They are all authentic and hardly used.

    Would you sell or put them on the bay?

    First bag is small, but the picture too big. Will update later.
    bags 003.jpg bags 004.jpg
  2. :nogood: I'll list on eBay
  3. eBay.

    You have NO protection doing it any other way and it's just asking for headaches.
  4. Definitely eBay. You'll get more for them and you don't have to deal with meeting a stranger in person.
  5. Where is this offer coming from? Is it a friend or did you put an ad in the paper or on Craig's list?

    Have you checked eBay to see what these bags are selling for? If it's considerably more than your offer, then sell there. If it's about the same or just a little more, then sell locally. Since you don't have any of the "extras" buyers like to see (receipts, dust bags), you might not get the best price on eBay.
  6. depends how fast you want the money. easy $500 now or list on ebay.
  7. sell on ebay is what i would do.
  8. I made a posting on craigslist. If I deal locally, I have the money right waway, don't need to create a listing on ebay, and am not going to have to pay fees for listing, fvf, receipt of payment.

    It's really hard to determine.

    Thanks everyone for your advice.
    bags 001-1.jpg bags 002-1.jpg
  9. If $500 is what you'd get combined on ebay, I'd sell to the local buyer. If ebay would bring in considerably more $$, I'd sell them there. If selling them locally, I would meet the buyer in a public place like a mall.
  10. The problem is that I dont know what I'd get on ebay until I list them...
  11. You can search and see what comparable bags have sold for.
  12. ebay is always safest.
  13. That's what I hear, but there seem to be a lot of scammers there. If I deal local, what is the risk?
  14. i would actually go with local-but meet in a safe place. this way you can avoid the fees and scammers on ebay and get the money faster.
  15. I see zero risk with selling it to a local person.