offbeat wedding dresses

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  1. I have been put in charge of finding a wedding dress for my super-busy best friend. I am excited about this task but also at something of a loss given our differing styles. I would appreciate links or info for designers that maybe do things a little differently - any price range as long as they're not your usual mermaid-style gowns.

    I've been browsing the couture archives for ideas (she has a very good seamstress) but...I still need more ideas! Her style is a weird combination of modern/spare and understated gothy/Victorian. She rocks it, but I have NO idea where to look for wedding dresses!!

    Any links for me??
  2. What about JCrew? Their dresses seem non traditional but elegant, and really nicely priced!
  3. wow thats a huge responsibility for you. noone but ME is picking out my dress.

    if she can swing any price why don't you go custom made by a well-known designer?
  4. How offbeat does she want to go?

    Browsing will show you just how "offbeat" a wedding dress can be. Some of the brides include links to where they got their dresses, or you can take the pictures to a seamstress and have one made. will have a huge range of wedding dresses, from the traditional to the very, very offbeat.

    My dress is J.Crew, so clearly I love their wedding dresses, but they don't quite sound like your friend's style. I do think Saja dresses might be right up her alley, though.

    You could also get inspiration by browsing wedding blog sites, like,,,,, and about a million others! You might see a dress there that you like, and often info on the designer will be provided. The "real weddings" galleries on and may also be helpful, since you can browse so many styles, but those will be fairly traditional dresses.
  5. I love the wedding dresses by J. Crew. I think they are offbeat without being totally out there. I think they have unique items that you won't look at in 10 years and say UGH what was I thinking??
  6. You are very brave and must be a very good friend

    What season is she getting married?

    What's her budget?

    Good description of your friend's style though

    Instead of a 'wedding dress' maybe look at a white/pale high end evening dress.
    For her money and style she will get more dress for her money IMO.

    Try Alexander McQueen, Tod Lynn, Balenciaga, Roksanda Ilincic, Sophia Kokosalaki etc

    You know your stuff I'm sure you will do a fantastic job but good luck anyway
  7. Leanne Marshall makes some gorgeous wedding dresses on Etsy and in her collection. She was a winner on Project Runway. They are modern, but not necessarily spare.
  8. Awesome, thanks for all the links. She loves the Saja site, and I will be spending this evening trawling Etsy.

    She isn't settled on a date/season yet and her budget is almost unlimited (I mean, within reason - I don't think she'd pay more than $15,000 for a dress just on principle).

    And don't worry about me, it IS definitely a big responsibility but she's gone through quite a bit lately and she asked me fully trusting me to do the job. I *do* understand some posters being surprised though - I, too, would NEVAH let anyone else choose my wedding dress.

    Yep, very good idea. It would work for her, too. She's anything but traditional.
  9. I was going to say J Crew because they make great dresses, good quality, and a good price. They have some simple silk ones for under $500 (you would normally get polester for that price).

    Another idea is to just go to nice department stores like Nordstrom or Saks and see if a regular dress would work. BCBG makes a lot of long dresses in ivory and white.

    I knew someone with a very unique style that was sort of mod and going the department store route is what she did.

    Another place is take a look at Jessica McClintock. Most of the stuff is pretty traditional but she has well-made wedding dresses that are priced well (usually under $200) and some cool details. I remember an offbeat, beaded, calf length number I considered there.
  10. Good lord, this is bad for me, I'm finding tons of dresses I'M falling in love with. Just found this on Net-a-Porter (thanks for links!) - this is so, so, so, so pains me:


    (it's Fendi, $3000)

    and this dress, which was a one-off for a music video, I have been in love with for about 4 years - just haent been able to justify the $ on something that won't see a lot of wear (but is GORGEOUS - I LOVE that prairie styling):


    (designer is Edgeofurge)