Off Topic Threads in Louis Vuitton

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  1. Hey everyone-

    It has come to our attention that there are threads being started that are not related to this sub forum. This sub forum is for discussion of Louis Vuitton, not any other topics that belong somewhere else on the forum. This would include birthday wishes, general chat, money talk, wardrobe. This sub forum is to talk about Louis Vuitton- the brand, the bags, the accessories, etc.

    This forum already has other sections in place that will accommodate your needs. There are sub-forums for many topics for a reason... it keeps the forum running smoothly and keeps things organized. I know many of you develop friendships with one another within LV, but if you have a topic that does not pertain, please post it in the appropriate sub forum. It will end up being moved if it is not.

    If this becomes an ongoing problem, there will have to be consequences. So please just stop doing it. It is simple and a rule that we would all love to see followed properly to show respect to us and your fellow members. The forum runs great and you all have done a great job- just be mindful of topics and where you place them ok!

    Thanks everyone...

    Now continue talking about Louis Vuitton! :yes:
  2. Thanks for the reminder Megs!
  3. Thanks for the reminder, Megs!
  4. :rochard: yes ma'am! and thanks for providing us a special place for our handbag talks!
  5. Gotcha!
  6. thanks Megs!!! Is this section for LV off topic subjects or this is just a general message being posted and we have to go to the general board section???
  7. ^^^^^ I believe she meant this as a general message.
  8. Wow...."consequences" almost sounds a bit dire....:cry:
  9. thanks for the great forum!
  10. i think i may have started an of topic thread! sorry!
    thanks for the reminder! i kinda noticed that...
  11. i will keep in mind for this!
  12. nice little note to self
  13. roger roger
  14. All general chat goes in general discussion! :yes: No worries... it was just a reminder!
  15. okie...