OFF to the trunk show at Chanel SHM...will be carrying a black 227 reissue!

  1. with gold hardware! Hope to see some of you there!
  2. Have a great time!! Check out the new paris blue and the large tote in the diagonal CC line. I hope you get some martinis!!
  3. Thanks Maxter! Wish you could come. Why do you live way out in Wisconsin?? :smile:
  4. I keep asking that myself lately!! Cold, snow and the highest taxed state ever - move over Massachusetts! But we now have the #1 ranked college basketball team in the nation!!
  5. ^^ I will have a Martini for you!
  6. have fun!:yahoo:
  7. Meet me there Michelle! We will pick out your first Chanel!!:yahoo:
  8. I wish I could (I'll take a raincheck!)--gotta work to get $$$ to buy these beauties !! :p
    Short Hills Mall, right? That's my mall, but since I am an LV girl, I have only walked by chanel and :drool: time I make it up that way I'll actually go inside.....:shame: felt silly bc I have limited chanel knowledge....learning though, thanks to all of you girls!:yes:
  9. Stacey...have a ball! :jammin:
    can't wait to hear how it was and what you waitlisted for!!!
  10. I need to pay attention, I didn't know there was a trunk show today. How long is it on for if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I wish I could come..LOL..Got a lunch date with Selena right now..Let us know how it is.......
  12. Have fun at the trunk show! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  13. Can't wait to hear your report.
  14. Can't wait for all the juicy details!
  15. Hope you have fun!