Off my purse ban...come see what I got!!

  1. I'm finally done with my purse ban!! I promised myself I'll only buy myself a bag a few times a year, but my boyfriend has a great new job so he told me he'll be buying me bags from now on :graucho: Anyway, I wanted a bag that didn't have vachetta because I wanted something that is worry-free. After much thought, I decided to get the Black Denim Cabby MM :yahoo: I just got it today from Eluxury. It was my first time buying from them & I'm very happy. The Black Denim Cabby is very functional & it's even cuter IRL. I love it soooo much :love:

  2. Congrats! Such a fabulous bag!
  3. Congrats, great choice! I too, love the black demin.
  4. Lovely- congrats!
  5. That's a beautiful bag!!
  6. Grats! I :love: the MM in black, you're gonna have tons of fun with it, I promise!:yes:
  7. congrats... the black denim bag rocks hehe
  8. yay, congrats! nice bag!
  9. Fabulous - congrats!
  10. Congrats!!!! I have one as well and love it!! I haven't stopped using it since I got it. I feel bad for my other bags, but it's such a FANTASTIC bag!!!!
  11. good choice! I love that bag! congrats!
  12. love that bag. congratulations!
  13. what a fab bag!!! congrats
  14. Congrats! That bag is on my wishlist!

    Your boyfriend sounds awesome!
  15. Beautiful bag! Congrats...