Of all your clothes, how much do you wear ? How to ?

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  1. I was trying -again- to purge my wardrobe, and I just have so many clothes that I either like but don´t have much the opportunity to wear them (evening) and they take up space...
    or I have clothes that I simply forget to wear because I have a tendency to use the basics. I use probably 50% but can´t get rid of more.
    It takes efforts to have a fair turn over and make unusual combinations....I was wondering how to get better at it.
    How about you ?
  2. I probably wear about 40% of my wardrobe rightnow. I'm currently stuck in my turtlenecks, cardigans, basics, and jeans.

    As for clothes that you rarely wear, try to work a piece into what you currently wear. You don't necessarily have to make unusual combinations if you don't feel comfortable. If these pieces don't work within your staples, then you know it is time to get rid of it.
  3. Probably less than 50%. I'm SO not a morning person and I just grab the same old basics. I guess I should lay things out the night before so I don't have to think about it when I'm half asleep.
  4. I've actually gotten really good at donating the things I dont wear. Unfortunately...thats left me with not too many clothes! I can literally count the items in my closet. I have about 10 pairs of jeans, 10 sweaters, about 30 different tops (t-shirts, a few long sleeve shirts, summer tanks, etc.) Not including my work clothes, dressy clothes and clubbing clothes, just my everyday wear. But, all of that isnt too much, either.

    But...they are clothes I wear on a constant basis and I now refuse to buy something without trying it on and LOVING it. Because, I've learned if I dont love it when Im in the store, I will get it home and not wear it.
  5. i am about 50-60% as well. the only reason to wear more of the clothes is to try to dress up more often even when you don't feel like it.
  6. Less than 50% - probably way less. I guess my problem is I have an outrageous amount of short-sleeve and tank tops (which are very cute, but not at all practical for cold Midwest winters!) and not enough long-sleeved items. It's frustrating. I need to go through my closet soon...
  7. I don't have a lot of clothes so I wear just about everything on a really regular basis - evening and formal/semi-formal stuff not so much, but everything else gets a high-turnover. I just always buy things that will go with stuff I already own so that there's no great difficulty in creating an outfit to go with the new piece.

    I have just bought a couple of pairs of fantastic shoes from Net-a-Porter and I am really looking forward to purging my old shoes and having a nice fresh shoe collection to go into 2010.
  8. i wear about half my clothes in 12 months but i love all of them and go through phases when i dont wear something for like 2 years and then pull it out and live in it for the next 6 months lol
  9. i also go for classics so i dont feel so bad if i dont wear it much at first because i know i can have it for ages lol
  10. I have so much clothes that don't fit me any more, so I end up wearing the same thing over and over again which equates to less than 30% of my wardrobe.
  11. Ummm.... maybe 10% :blush:
  12. Uh, 10%. Maybe 20%. I don't like work clothes much, so the things that are my style I don't get much opportunity to wear, and I cycle through a few things at work rather than spend a lot on clothes I hope to eventually never wear.
  13. i love my work wardrobe so i probably wear about 50-60% of that, but as for casual clothes, i probably only wear 15-20% of what I have... I keep sticking to the same old t-shirts with leggings or jeans!

    One way to think of how to rearrange your wardrobe is to go through clothing catalogs (esp. j crew!) Even if you dont have the exact same pieces, catalogs can at least give you ideas of the types of outfits that can be put together.
  14. FUNNY!!! When I am in the store, I gravitate toward CUTE but in the morning when I am getting dressed, I gravitate toward COMFORTABLE. I wear about 50% too but I do purge sometimes and don't forget about selling on Ebay. I have passed on quite a few items to others that were just plain mistakes.:lol::blush:
  15. I'm sure it's way way WAY less than 50%. I kinda don't want to think about it b/c I'll feel guilty. I just keep on reaching for the same things...and I just keep on shopping. It makes no sense whatsoever. And I'm guilty of buying things that are very similar (in both size and color)!