Odeon pm: buy preloved or new?

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  1. Hello, I need some help deciding on whether to buy the odeon pm new from the store or used. New is 1,120 usd but on ebay and other sites I see them (preloved) range from 400 to 800 depending on condition... but the thing is I have never bought myself a monogram piece with vachetta leather yet. In May, I bought myself a SpeedyB 35 in DE as my first new lv bag. I loved the monogram but as a younger LV lover (I buy these bags with my own money) I felt unconfident that I could care for the vachetta properly and not ruin the bag... I also live in Florida and he weather here is a mess. It could be raining at your neighbor's house but not yours. Basically, the weather is very unpredictable and it rains sporadically for 5 to 20 minutes then goes away. Should I take the plunge and buy the brand new bag with the virgin vachetta I desire, or buy used so I can get the feel for what vachetta is like? Is vachetta that easily stained?

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  2. i'd buy it preloved b/c there is a huge savings in the preloved market. those bags go for 400-600 and are in fairly good shape for that price. at 800 they look almost new, so you could probably even get 'like new' for well under 1K. in the case of preloved it might also have marks and some water stains and wear, so you'll be less worried about it and more inclined to just enjoy the bag and 'experiment' with vachetta. since you're looking at preloved bags you can see how the handle looks with water and wear over time; that is how your bag will eventually age/patina if you purchased new and actually used/enjoyed it without worry.
  3. I bought a preloved Odeon a few months ago from E-Lady. I got 5% off because it was my first purchase from them and the bag is beautiful. It's 4 yrs old and has a gorgeous, even patina. Whoever owned it took exceptionally good care of it. I got it for around $750. Absolutely love it! The free express shipping had it at my door in three business days. Amazing considering it came from Japan. I highly recommend the preloved route for this bag. So many good deals out there. Some designs with LV you don't get as much savings buying preloved, but a beautiful Odeon can be acquired for much less than retail. I have seen ones with very little patina at a good price as well. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. I have noticed that the Odeon pm on the used market is much much cheaper.... Maybe because the style has been around for a while? But I'm picky when I buy used. I only buy if it comes with the dustbag and box. Who knows how long I'd have to wait to buy my odeon with such high expectations.
  5. I hope you find one you love! Mine came with the dust bag, but not the box. I just love it! It holds a ton and is so comfortable. I love the beautiful patina as well. Of course, a new one would be fabulous as well!! Nothing like a new bag from LV ;)
  6. I didn't know all this about Odeon and pre-loved market! My mother wants one to use for trips (and hence she won't care so much about nicks, wear/tear, etc.) thus buying her one pre-loved is a great idea for saving some money. Thanks, all!
  7. If you can find $700~$800 even patina preloved, it is not a bad idea. My Odeon is from LV boutique, because I was looking for a made in France at the time. ( and price was around $980 new)
    Either way Odeon is a great crossover bag. Very comfortable and fits so much without deforming the shape. It is one of my favorite LV!!
  8. I bought my odeon pm from couture USA and it was in like new condition...it's a great bag and I wear over the shoulder instead of cross body .... Not sure but I think I may have had a coupon or they were having a sale ......
  9. Uggggg. I had the odeon GM and loved it for travel/ sightseeing...it was packed in my suitcase and during the luggage process in Rome our suitcases were tampered with and my bag was stolen. I was soooo upset because I couldnt replace it since it was no longer in production...this was 2 years ago and I still miss it
  10. If the bag is in excellent condition overall (a medium patina and a few small water spots here and there is totally acceptable) and the savings are significant then buying pre-loved is definitely the way to go. The trick to finding a great deal is patience so good luck hunting!
  11. pre-loved. search around you will find the right one for you
  12. I wanted to order an Odeon PM today and was told they are sold out nationwide and have been discontinued! Preloved for me I guess
  13. I went to LV today and was told that the Odeon would be re-released again soon. She could not tell me when or what changes will be made but only that it would be returning agin at some point. It might be worth waiting to see what the new one looks like before buying a used one. :smile: