Ode to Barenia - please show your bags and accessories :o)

  1. Queenie, gorgeous!!!
  2. Here are my additions to this thread (love it, btw!):

    Natural Barenia Picotin MM


    Natural Barenia 32cm HAC PHW
  3. Such lovely barenia!:love: I can see why there is such a love for this leather. Now I can add my very own...30cm barenia with pal
  4. Here's my contribution ...

    Indigo Barenia MM Picotin.
  5. Aaaahhhh........... I love those barenia Picotins in MM. *Lust*
    And the HAC - AL, you know I have admired yours for a long time.
    Thimp - yours is there already? Awww, what a fabulous bag... I think it deserves a special reveal with lots of different pics in different lights!
  6. Ok, I know this sounds so silly, but today I had the GREAT pleasure of touching Kipp's amazing barenia birkin. And may I say, I really didn't understand what the whole big deal about barenia was until today. :drool:

    The leather is just amazing. It feels luxurious. It is slightly thicker than box, which is oh SO smooth and silky. And not to mention the color. Hers is natural, I think? (Sorry Kipp if I am wrong! :shame:smile: And it is the richest color of gold. I thought I wanted a gold togo or clemence birkin, until I saw barenia and realized that's what I want.

    And oh, may I say how BEAUTIFUL is a well-loved barenia birkin? I mean, I've never ever seen a new one, but I am SO in love with a well-loved barenia.

    Would you please share your beautiful pictures of barenia and also share why you love barenia? :love: Can't wait to hear your inputs!
  7. Oh, I have heard so much about barenia !! Very curious about it myslef~~
  8. Me too,very curious...thanks xiao brought this up.I like your description.
  9. I remember there's another thread about Barenia too. And Pepper's amazing black Barenia is in it.
  10. And ladies never forget the smell of Barenia. I'm sorry I can't explain it but the scent is heavenly!!! I should have never gotten a Barenia bag, on the back of mine is a huge nose print!! (I kept leaning over to smell it and my nose left a mark!!!!:blush:) Good stuff!!:yes:
  11. I have never seen, touched or smelled barenia, but, strange and it may sound, it haunts me. Really. After reading the description of it and seeing photos, I knew that I MUST HAVE IT! It reminded me of an really old Coach leather agenda I had in high school (before it was sold to Sarah Lee, and when it was still made my by hand by craftsmen in NYC). I would rub it constantly to rush the beautiful patina I knew it would acquire with time. I know that Barenia is the luxe version of this, and am just aching for it! Just have to find exactly the one I want...which I know might take years.
  12. XOXO, you are too funny!!! Thank you so very much for your kind words about my bag. It IS amazing, I will admit it! And I'm so very lucky!! I think that not only are there the sensual aspects (tactile and olfactory) of the bag, it also it is very romantic. I hope that you (and everyone else who desires one) are able to find one!!!!:heart: