Ode to Barenia - please show your bags and accessories :o)

  1. Love the bag and the dog hello..
  2. What beautiful photos everyone! Thank you for sharing :O)
  3. Hello, if you are a good girl, Rhoda will let you borrow her bag :smile:
  4. Hi,

    Usage of the barenia leather over time certainly allows the beautiful leather to develope a beautiful sheen and colour.

    My SA termed it as character to the leather which I totally agrees.
  5. I love all these beautiful Barenia Kellys!

    Encore Hermes - you are too funny!
  6. My Barenia picotin PM Vert Anis lining.
    picotin1.JPG picotin2.JPG
  7. My vintage Barenia HAC 45 w/ brass hardware and a new Barenia Vision II agenda. First photo with flash, second without.
    IMG_1744.JPG IMG_1745.JPG
  8. Magnificent!
  9. This is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
  10. You, sir, are making me suffer. :p

    By the way, how did the ebene toile travel Birkin fare with your weekend trip?
  11. I used the Barenia. I was in horse country and it seemed more appropriate!
  12. :heart::heart::heart:

    Oh why don't I own this bag yet? :confused1:

  13. you and your "appropriateness"! I lovett!

    please use your damn bag. you bought it ages ago. if you don't want it, give it to me! make a poor fag happy with a gigantic birkin! LOL
  14. :heart: :heart: :heart: