Ode to Barenia - please show your bags and accessories :o)

  1. Some items in natural barenia:
    - orion belt
    - etriviere double tour bracelet
    - 35 cm birkin
    - 28 cm plume
    barenia_collection_2.jpg H_accessories_e.jpg pippa_stool_b.jpg barenia_collection_3.jpg barenia_collection_1.jpg
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  3. :drool:

    Seriously amazing bags and accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. DiamondS, post your barenia lovelies here! :woohoo:
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    Yayy! I've finally managed to find my pics....now let's see if I can paste them here.....


    YESSS! :yahoo: Oh shoot, it's the same pic posted twice....Well the thread I found them in is "36cm HAC vs 35cm Birkin" so if anybody wants to post the others aswell, they're very welcome!
  6. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh..... Perfection.
    I have never seen black barenia (didn't know it existed).
  7. I just love your barenia collection, sister!

  8. Wow, I didn't quite realise barenia bags were so stunning.. Damn, now there is another thing I want..where does it all end!
  9. olive barenia/toile Kelly in action
    barenia Kelly with matching barenia dog



  10. your outfit is very Hermès, hello. you carry the Kelly so well.
  11. Thank you! *blush*:shame:
  12. My vintage Barenia Manille
  13. [​IMG]

    Wow! Thanks for sharing!!!