Odds of fake LV Speedy's

  1. I know that 25's and 30's are the most often replicated...but what about 35's?

    Since I am tall, I am really considering a 35 vs. a 30, just for something a little different. Or, do you fell that since it is bigger and not as common, it will be viewed as fake rather than real?

    I know in the end it doesn't matter, I KNOW it's real, but I am curious as to what you gals think. ;)
  2. I often see speedy sizes that aren't even made for fakes.. and as to larger speedies, I do think they are less common but ladies with a discerning eye and a penchant for Vuitton will surely know it's real as well ! ;)
  3. get a 35!! question are you tall??

    i would so have gotten a 35 if i werent a mere 5 ft 1 and 1/4 incher. ahhaa (had to add that 1/4 inch!)

    the price difference is so small and you can stuff all your things in it. be it books (as in my case coz im studying), papers or clothes!!! (it could double as an overnight bag too! so thats gotta be value for your money!)