Odd-color bag choices?


Nov 12, 2006
New York City
I'm way too fashion -conservative for this, but have any of you bought a purse in an odd color? I mean, so odd colored that you had to find some other justification (you wanted it!) regardless of the fact it couldn't match but one or maybe none of the clothing you own? Please share! It might make me more bag- liberal!:graucho:


Aug 14, 2006
Yes, I have a Kooba Sienna in Moss which is an unusual shade of green. Not being a green person by any means, it has turned out to be a wonderful accent for my neutral colored wardrobe. And it seems to be noticed in a positive way. I think that another motivating factor was that it was on sale with a huge discount...I never would have paid full price for "a green handbag". It's been fun to carry a handbag that is alittle bit different from the norm.


Dec 13, 2005
I don't know if you consider any of my bags odd colored but I do have a lot of colored bags in my collection. When buying them I don't even think about what they might match in my wardrobe.:shame: I figure it out when I get home. I will tell you though that I reach for my brightly colored bags more often than most of my black or brown bags. THey really add interest and a punch of color to any outfit. I think you should consider adding at least one fun colored bag to your collection. You never know..... it might end up being your favorite bag!:P

Jillian Dollars

Kitty Sniper
Jul 28, 2006
New York, NY
I have a Kate Spade Wynn bag in what they call rose but it looks like more of a sort of a coral-ish color. It matches very little of what I own but I think its really fun when I'm wearing all black or other neutral colors and I do have one flea market dress that it matches perfectly.

I bought it because it was $50 (currently on sale at Bluefly for $225):


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I have a small Bottega Veneta handbag in a light purple. It goes with a couple outfits I have. Can't believe I bought it, but I love the color.

Queen D

Sep 17, 2006
I have a Marc Jacobs bag in "Petrol", a blue that's somewhat teal like, and it's actually quite versatile. I also have a Mulberry Roxanne in a seafoam colour that I'm finding hard to wear.


Up On My Toes!
Jun 6, 2006
Highland, Maryland
I bought a gorgeous Marc Jacob handbag last spring in "Sweet Pea". I got more use out of that bag than you can imagine! It livened up navy, white, black and beige. I even used it with a pink and brown outfit. I got more compliments on that bag than any other. I think the color was the attraction!


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
^ ITA, green is surprisingly versatile. :yes:

Actually, I suppose it's not that surprising, really, as grass and leaves are green and they 'go' with every colour of flower!

I took a chance on this Chloe clutch bag, as although I loved and wore green, I tended to wear darker and/or bluer greens.

But, I have used it more than almost any other bag I own. Because it has a black base colour, it looks particularly amazing with black, I love it(!):

If you're wary of colour, I would highly recommend buying a two, or more, colour bag, with the base colour in your favourite neutral colour; e.g. black, grey, or brown.

This will mean that it will really tie-in with your favourite, neutral coloured clothes and make it much more wearable for you.

I do this a lot. :yes:

My Chloe Tiger Bag (in my avatar) is also very wearable (because it has a black base colour, so looks particularly good with my favourite black clothes, as well as brown, pink and tan).

As is my teal Jimmy Choo Bean Bag:

...and my BV Bag:

...and my Clements Ribeiro Messenger:​

...even my Pucci Make-Up Bag (which I have used as a clutch) has black in it:​

Alternatively, if you want to buy a one-colour bag, a really good option is to also buy a scarf, that has that colour and the colour you're wearing in it and then, either wear it, or tie it to the handle.

For example, if you bought a green bag and were wearing black, you would also either wear, or tie, a black and green scarf to the handle. If you were feeling particularly adventurous, you could try a black, green and pink (or any other complementary colour) scarf!

As long as the bag, or scarf, has your base colour in it; you can safely start introducing other complementary colours as well. For example, I always used to wear my red and black BV bag with black clothes and a red, black, pale pink and plum, wide striped, Sonia Rykiel scarf.

If you don't like scarves, you can 'tie' the bag into your outfit with your belt and jewellery. Either wear the belt and jewellery in the same colour as the bag (e.g. blue bag = blue belt and jewellery), or, if the bag has quite a lot of/quite large visible hardware, tie it into your outfit by wearing jewellery in the same colour as the hardware (e.g. yellow gold tone hardware = yellow gold [or yellow gold coloured] jewellery).

Unless you're going for a very dressy/formal look, I think it is still inadvisable to match your one colour bag to your one colour shoes (e.g. green bag, green shoes). Although, I have some green and gold D&G sandals which co-ordinate really well with my green, black and gold Chloe clutch, without looking too matchy-matchy; proving that 3 colours can actually be more versatile than one!

Hope this helps. :biggrin:


handbag addict
Oct 13, 2006
Chloeh...if you ever get tired of the Choo...I know a nice little American girl who would love it like a family member:roflmfao:

Oh, and to answer the question, I buy every color bag and wear a lot of black or brown/neutral colors, so that I can get super funky with bags, jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc.

I have a very funky sea foam tote that is GIGANTIC. I use it in the summer with whatever I want. (maybe not pink so much, but I don't really WEAR pink except for bags and shoes)

I also have several metallics, a couple bright pink(winter and summer versions), and several red bags. My fave is a bga by Citrus that is just HOT. It is pink alligator on top, the bottom is a very cool houndstooth like deep brown and white. It is kind of a giant satchel. Snatched that up at Century 21 in NY. It is gorgeous and every time I carry it, someone(a lot of men, too) stop me on the street to tell me it is fabulous.


Feb 4, 2006
I don't really consider them to be "odd" colors, but I have bags in red, blue, green, and pink. I find green to be the most versatile color - goes with almost everything. I find that I most often wear my colorful bags when I'm dressed in neutrals.