October Road

  1. Did anyone watch it last night, it was pretty good I thought.
  2. I was flipping back and forth between that and the rerun of Real Housewives. Unfortunately, the show just didn't hold my attention. I wanted to watch the catfight between Jo and Slade's new lush all over again!! :lol:

    It looks like it would be a good show. Maybe I'll tune in again next week and this time watch it through.
  3. I watched. Not bad.
  4. Me too. It was ok but I miss Men in Trees.
    Does anyone know if it was canceled?
  5. I hope Men in Trees wasn't cancelled. I was just starting to watch some of the episodes. Kind of reminds me of Northern Exposure.
  6. I planned to watch, but fell asleep
  7. That happens to me, thank goodness for tivo.
  8. I thought it was okay...

    Does anyone think that Laura Prepon looks weird as a blond? I think she looked fabulous with her red hair..or, I'm just used to seeing that from her time on the 70's Show.
  9. Awww, no! I missed it! I was planning to watch it, but it just completely slipped my mind!
  10. You can always catch it on abc.com, that's what I do with some other shows :smile:
  11. Yeah me too. I really like it but can't seem to find any info on its status.
    Well, ABC is bringing back "6 degrees" so maybe "Men in Trees" is just on hiatus.
  12. Definitely on hiatus for the month while "October Road" premieres. I actually remember reading yesterday that "Men in Trees" is coming back next season - that it was renewed.
  13. Thanks SuLi. :yahoo:
  14. I thought the first episode was kind of boring, but the second episode was really good.
  15. I'm so excited to hear that there are other Men in Trees fans out there. I love the show and I too can't wait for it to return. How hot is Jack?!!