Oct EGC at Saks??

  1. i'm starting to hear some buzz about this event...can anyone confirm this? TIA!
  2. yes, I'm curious about this too... whether it's the 18th or 25th. I saw these two different dates floating around.
  3. EGC is Oct 18th

    Double points will be going on Oct 4-7th

    Both in the same month!! :nuts:

    Get ready ladies!! :graucho:

  4. hey lainey

    could you explain what's this double points all about??

  5. I wish they would both be on the same day! That would be a banner day!
  6. whoohooo!!!!!
  7. I just want to point out that the double points event is for Saks first members only. Soooo...if you're just a regular member or just opening an acct it doesnt work for you. I guess that's sak's way of trying to get you to spend more and use thier card so you can take advantage of these perks.
    Since double points will not apply for me...i cannot wait until the egc event! I'm so glad i'll be getting $300 out of buying my chanel bag instead of getting nothing buying it from the boutique...and TAX FREE!!
  8. ...yup. Thursday Oct. 18 is the next EGC event.
  9. And a week later is F&F (20% off included items)!!!
  10. thanks so much for the info.
  11. There is also a Beauty Event coming up 10/4 I think!
  12. so for the egc, do you need to have a Saks account? sorry i haven't really shopped at Saks before.
  13. ^you can use any cc for the egc event. but the bonus points only apply to saks cards.
  14. omg! i can't wait till the EGC event!! it will be my VERY FIRST CHANEL!!

    question.. what can the EGC be used towards?? like.. what brands are included, or if its easier.. what brands are EXCLUDED?!?!
  15. wait, what's EGC even? omg, i feel like an idiot!

    so sorry, i really get lost here! someone enlighten me please! xo