Ocean SH vs. Cobalt GH???

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  1. The NM at Tysons said they have a brief in the Cobalt with GH. But I just saw BAL is coming out with the Ocean with SH...is that right? Is that in June? Which do you like better??? Any pics availabel of either?
  2. i'm fond of the silver hardware. I can't wait to see it IRL!
  3. I think the Ocean with SH will look stunning (although I could never pull off giant hardware...) check out some of incoralblue's reports on the new colours...
  4. I think it depends on what you're looking for. I might have a little bias though (passing on an aquamarine while I'm wait-listed for TWO oceans w/ SGH :angel:)

    I think aqua in general is a very bold color, and even bolder with giant hardware, I'd personally worry about being able to match with my wardrobe (though I have mostly neutral colored clothes.)

    While ocean is a standout color, it's neutral enough that it would go with a lot more, and then the silver GH adds a little "oomph" yet is more understated than the gold GH, in my opinion.
  5. Ocean looks like it's going to be gorgeous - versitile, like don't blow said, while being brighter and more attention-getting than Blueberry. More like the old Navy and Indigo bags, it seems to me.

    Aqua and Ocean are very, very different blues and I think which one you prefer will have a lot to do with your wardrobe.
  6. Here is a photo of my GH cobalt brief beside my blueberry bowling. Hope it helps.

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  7. Thanks for the pics anufangava! The Cobalt brief almost looks like the Aqua - is it close? Because I have an Aqua city and want a more true/royal type blue. I could always wait for the Ocean with the silver giant hardware too....
  8. ^Cobalt and Aqua are the same colour...
  9. The color the woman showed me at NM was DEF not my Aqua. So she must have quoted me the wrong color. She only saw that they had a Cobalt brief in stock and tried to show me what color it would be through another blue bag they had there. I wonder what color blue she REALLY showed me - it was BRIGHT blue, in the Matlesse(sp).
  10. It's french blue then.
  11. Ah, thank you!