Ocean giant hobo with silver?

  1. I know Bal NY got the ocean giant hobo with silver, but was wondering if any other stores have it (or are expecting to get it).

  2. Does Bal NY have any more? I was going to call tomorrow to see about this bag too!
  3. :smile:The daybag with silver is at Barneys New York
    store...I think.
    Good luck, I think you can still buy them.
  4. mcs - They had some when I spoke with Daphne a couple of weeks ago but I don't know if they still do.

    swissflower - I'm leaning toward the hobo rather than the day but thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks for letting me know! Let us know when you get it & if possible post pics.:smile:
  7. I just realized that I misread this post-- I bought a DAY with silver GH! Whoops, hope I didn't mislead you. I had tunnel vision for my quest!! I didn't ask about the giant hobo after all...:rolleyes: Sorry!
  8. That's okay, I've made that mistake myself before. Hope you love your bag!