Obsessed with a Black Chevre Kelly! SOS

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  1. I'm completely obsessed with one day owning a 28cm Black Chevre de Coromandel Kelly w/Pall hw like Fopducks. Now.....you might say I'm obsessed PERIOD and you would be right on the money BUT I keep thinking about this one particular bag and how perfect it would be given my wardrobe and lifestyle.

    I need your help, girls.....

    Is it possible to have too many Kellys?
    If you owned the following bags, would you buy yet another but like the one I described above (I'm open to any and all suggestions on this one...be brutally honest! I can take it!):

    32cm Chocolate Togo Sellier Kellly
    32cm Vintage Toile/Black Box Kelly
    28cm Caramel Chevre de Coromandel Kelly
    28cm Vintage Cocoan (?) Porosus Croc Kelly (not here yet)
    31cm Black Chamonix Bolide
    32cm Black Box HAC

    I really would like to stop thinking about this Kelly combination once and for all OR just call Jose and beg him to call me when one rolls into town.....or break into Fopducks house in the middle of the night and kidnap hers.....:wtf:

    What would you do?????? What should I do??????
  2. :yes: I think you need one! It's absolutely, positively gorgeous and essential!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Okay shopmom....IMO, for ME, 3 black bags would be a lot! But that's because I love, love the color of H bags as you know...that said, you're not thinking of a black bag in the same style just another leather....so.....but is black too close to your chocolate?? Just a thought...believe me, I struggle with what I have and what should I sell every hour!! Because I want MORE! If it's meant to be, something will find you - how about that??!!!
  4. It is NOT possible to own too many hermes anything. I am obsessed with a 32 cm chevre souple kelly with pall. saw a bunch in Paris in march and am still kicking myself for not buying one!:sad: :Push:
  5. I personally prefer diversity in the color of my bags. Your collection is impressive for Kellys, but I get a sense that your HAC is getting lonely and may need a companion.

    That being said, if you can't stop thinking about it, you got do what you got to do to make that nagging thought stop. It's a small price to pay for a peace of mind. So if that Kelly is calling, then by all means, go to it...:jammin:
  6. Kelly bags are irresistable! they are allways calling!:nuts: :wlae:
  7. shopmom, you look great with black bags (esp. the HAC).

    Like shoes, I think the black and chocolate would be very similar. Errmm would you be able to justify the acquisition of a black chevre by being able to give up your chocolate togo sellier? Or should I bite my tongue...?! :P
  8. I am in love with your purple bag,...I just wish it was 32cm, the ultimate bag (kelly) for me would be a souple 32cm with pall, in raisin or black chevre!:heart:
  9. Believe me it's not crazy to have too many Kellys!! I love the classic lines of a Kelly and what they stand for. The black chevre w/palladium should be gorgeous!! Do your other bags have gold HW?
    It might be nice to have the silver for a change.
    I don't know...I love all your bags...you have excellent taste!!
    Tough decision. If it takes a while to get the Kelly it will give you time to think some more...that's tough too!!
  10. I love my black kelly.It's very classic,and is great when going out running around daily errands places that might be messy (restaurants where you might have to compensate safety,placeing your bags on the floor or under the table When no extra chair/space is available,grocery store,ect.)I think you should definitely go for it. In the long run you will be so glad you did:yes: :smile: :flowers:

  11. Hmmmmm....I think you were reading my mind.....this is just what I was thinking....but thankfully, I probably have a while to decide because it's not like you find 28cm Black Chevre de Coromandel Kelly's just sitting on the shelf, you know what I mean? I don't know....:sad:

  12. Lovehermes....the only bag I have with silver hw is the HAC with Ruthenium and I LOVE it! I think I need to give a call to Jose......
  13. I think the black chevre Kelly w/palladium sounds really beautiful.
    I love black and love chevre and love Kellys!! Oh...I'm no help!
  14. I'm calling Jose first thing Monday morning.....actually I think I'll just go in to the store first thing Monday morning. That's a better idea.....yeah. .....:graucho:
  15. IMO - you can never go wrong w/ black, especially when it involves Hermes & chevre. my only suggestion is to possibly consider gold hardware as well. very classic & timeless.