Oak Effie and EW Bays

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  1. Double reveal as have had them a few weeks!!

    I purchased the Effie, received her, love her to bits and then purchased a long strap so I can wear her messenger style...... I have to say, it is true love!!

    I also love my EW Bays as she is the perfect size for everyday use. Have had a lot of positive comments about her from non-Mulberry fans.

    Please let me know what you think!!


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  2. Here she is

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  3. I love love love Effie, can't wait to get my hands on one of my own! I had my eye on one on ebay this week, but it sold early... I guess someone asked for a BIN. Looks fab on you, really suits! Where did you get your long strap for her from? :yahoo:

    Ughh... look at that beauuutiful colour :drool: gorgeous E/W! How are you finding them both?
  4. hi loopylou,

    I can see why you adore those bags, they are very nice! Congrats!!!
    What is the color on the east west called? It's one of my favorites.

    Was the strap for your Effie complete with buckles(?) or did you attach it in another way?
  5. Oooh, they are lovely. LOVE the Effie as messenger idea, great plan for the long strap, and CUTE colour of the E/W. Congrats, I hope you get a lot of joy from them x
  6. I believe the EW Bays is Rouge Noir, that is what I purchased it as anyway.

    The strap is literally the long piece of leather with holes punched into it and I have just swapped it over with the original. Hope that makes some kind of sense. The new strap is a little darker at the moment but assume it will age quite well and it isn't too noticeable to me.

    Thanks for your comments Pollux, Mrs M and Miss M!
  7. Hehe, well.. I really don't need to be buying any more after the expensive Bow incident. However I can't stop looking for Effie's and Rosemary's! Ink Alexa is on my wish list but that won't be for a while, perhaps if I sort shares out. Besides I have my Bow for messenger/grab handle bag now so it is hard to justify!

    So.. chocolate and black Effie's soon then? :graucho:

  8. As soon as possible anyway!! I have emailed a few sellers I have bought from previously to ask them to keep an eye open for me. Fingers crossed it won't take too long!!

    I do like the Alexa but think I will hold out for the Leah in either messenger or shoulder style. I think they are GORGEOUS!! xx
  9. Effie looks lovely, and very cute with the long strap! I love messengers :biggrin:

    And your e/w has such a lovely colour!

    Both of them are lovely;)
  10. Hehe, I have just seen what i think is a very well loved olive effie on evilbay, I hope you manage to track down chocolate and black soon Loopy! The style looks gorgeous on you.
  11. love the E/W BAYS!! gorgeous colour!
  12. love both bags - well done!

    I'm a little confused about how you fastened the longer strap (sorry!). Does the Effie have buckles that you fastened it to?
    I'm wondering whether it would be suitable for my Somerset Shoulder (I didn't order one of their other straps with the 'dog lead' fastening, as thought it may be too narrow)
  13. ^^ Do Mulberry make an alternative strap for the Somerset Shoulder then LadyF? Gosh I never knew that! Where can you get them?
  14. Congrats on your two lovely new bags. Effie looks great worn messenger style and that colour on your E/W Bays is TDF!