Oak Bays in Outlets

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  1. Morning Ladies

    Hope we are all well this morning.

    Quick question, how often do the Oak Bays come up in the outlets and how much do they go for?


    Stefy x
  2. Hi, I'm not sure on either of those questions, but I'm going to Bicester on Friday, so can keep an eye out if you like.
  3. I think Jenova got it once - you need to either be calling them or be there at the right time (ie. they just bring it out on the day) Same for choc Bays, Roxy etc...

    Good luck!
  4. They do, because I got one! It was a couple of years back though. I bought it in excellent condition, no scratches or marks. I think I paid £346 for it.
  5. I bought a lovely one for £346 from Shepton Mallet a couple of months ago after reading a tip off here on tpf.
  6. Thanx ladies, I keep seeing pics of Oak and it is reviving my longing for one. £346 is not a bad price considering how much they are in the stores :biggrin:
  7. They have been increased full price now so they might be a bit more than £346 (don't forget that was 30% off their RRP).

    I managed to get mine last year from SM although I did have to persuade them to sell it to me and post it out because they said it was too badly marked to sell "sight unseen". I didn't think it was that bad when I got it, a few black marks but I didn't care.

    You have to be phoning them first thing on a Thursday morning really as they generally get their deliveries on Wednesdays.

    As I'm sure you understand, with Oak Bays, and any Roxy's (especially Oak or Black) you have to be quick!
  8. every now and then they do pop up in putlet but are uaually substandard and mul;berry cannont charge the customer full price. its luck of the draw though.\i got my roxanne from SM ages ago when it was £595 then with 30% off. i couldn't belive it after months of trying.
  9. I had my name on the list for ages with no luck.
    I ended up with an older darwin oak one with a lovely patina.
  10. ^ I'm not sure that the list thing actually works because when a Roxy or Bays comes in, I don't think they look at the list before it goes out onto the shop floor by which time, its pretty much gone!
  11. oooh, I suppose it's just a matter of getting in at the right time then.
  12. I spoke to a Emily (?) at Bicester and she said they had one last week and it was snapped up before it even hit the shop floor.
  13. Is the best day to visit Bicester a Thursday to see all the new stock??
  14. Seems so, takes them the whole day to go through the delivery and stock take.
  15. I was always told that they get their deliveries on Wednesday and they have to label them "sub" or whatever and they hit the shop floor on Thursday.