:O Scored huge at Macy's today! I got ++

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  1. Large Selma Stud in Coffee for $159.20 from $398

    and Bedford gusset cross body malachite (it's a triple zip) for $79.20 from $198


    Also I saw on here someone got a jet set tote for $66! Im tempted to go to my other macys!!!!

    Not my pics
  2. Omg where did u get the sale for selma I thought my sale wad there at $167 plus tax
  3. Check your outlet mall.They have wonderful sales there. Sometimes I buy MK bags from Ross or something for someones birthday. I have bought all of my MK bags from the outlet for over 70 dollars off the price of some cheap item, so I am good!
  4. Both are from Macys. I got them this morning! I just went in to look around and these were the last one of both!

  5. Probably that's why but I can't complain mine was only $8 more lol
  6. Congratulations! Love both bags
  7. Congrats on the beautiful purses! I knew I should have dropped by our local Macy's today :amuse:
  8. ooh I am so jealous. I live in Australia and the Selma here retails for AUD459! Have never seen any discounts on them since they were released here

  9. Hey, I am the gal that got the Mandarin Jet Set Tote for 66.00
    Would love to know where you got the Selma Stud in Coffee for 159.00, I want one :smile:
    Which Macys?
  10. I feel you!! The Selma costs almost SGD$650 here in Singapore!!!
  11. Belk has the large north/south stud Selma for 40% off and the red or black large Selma with grommets for 40% as well. Even if its sold out online, call the stores!
  12. Belk does not ship international :sad:
  13. It was in Albany, NY, but I *think* I got the last one of this (unless they have more in the back). They did have a ton of other MK bags for 50% off though!

    Which Macys did you get the tote at! That's unbelievable!! :smile:
  14. My tote was purchased at Macy's NYC where I live.