O.K. What's The Trick?

  1. I went to my local outlet yesterday and bought my first charm. It's really cute BUT I can't get on my purse. I have 3 coach bags and can't seem to get it on any of them. So my question is What am I doing wrong? I tried to put it on the O ring but it won't fit. Help!:sad:
  2. Use the ball chain from the hangtag :tup:
    If you try to put it on the O ring, you could scratch the hardware!
  3. Use a key to open the ring up and slide it on your bag, once on remove the key. Or as the above posted said use the chain from the hanging tag :smile:
  4. I attach a lot of charms on the zipper pull

  5. That's a good idea but my chelsea hobo doesn't have a zipper. When you hang it by the ball chain your hang tag is on don't you worry about it breaking?
  6. Like some of the Posters have stated, I attach my Charms on my ball chain of the hangtag, too. Yes, I worry that the ball chain may break so I check it ALL the time! LOL

    As an alternative, you can purchase carabiners or the like (from hardware stores - near keys, sporting good stores, etc) so you can attach it to your purse's O ring and then attach your Charm (or keyfob) to the carabiner. This also minimizes scratches to your hardware when you try and attach your keyfobs, too.
  7. if you're worried about the ball chain opening, squeeze it extra tight with some pliers.
  8. ^^^ Good idea! I noticed that all the rings on my Chelsea bags are too large for the charms to fit...sad...
  9. Yep, I do it on the zipper pull or the ball chain. :yes: