Nylon Mini Skinny?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I need to get a mini skinny to go in my swingpack for vacation. It's a Hamptons Weekend Nylon Swingpack in black from the outlet - perfect because you can just wipe it off and it's good as new. I'd like a mini skinny in that material if they make one. Of course i can't find one on the Coach website or eBay, anyone know if they make one like that and the item #? I was also thinking optic or lurex optic because I love those lines. But, the more I thought about it, since I'm thinking for our Alaska vacation, nylon (or I guess all leather) might be better.

  2. Hmmmm, I've never seen a nylon one. I do, thought, have a small nylon wristlet from the outlet. Since you visit so often, you've probably seen them - I think they called it hampton's - came out about the same time as the scarf print laminated bags. Good luck!
  3. Is the scribble one nylon?
  4. Ahhhh- forgot about the wristlets. That is the swingpack line mine is from, so I should call and see if they have wristlets left from it. I could just get that to match my swingpack. Thanks for jogging my memory on it!
  5. no, treated cotton, and I'm not much of a scribble fan. I would go with the jacquard and lurex fabrics before the treated cotton. i've seen too many dirty scribble bags so that I don't desire much in the cotton.
  6. oh, kidlearner, do you have the item# on the wristlet? I may also check eBay if my outlet has sold out.
  7. Here's a pic of the wristlet and the tag it came with - I'm pretty sure I only paid in the $20's for it though. I love it, it's perfect for the beach or the playground! Good luck!


    hamp wristlet.jpg wristlet tag.jpg
  8. I have the nylon black mini skinny..got it for about 25 at TJ Maxx one night...it has the pouch on the front with the turn lock, cc slot on the back and then the normal skinny zipper.....I think when they originally came out a year ago they were about $68....
  9. I've seen the nylon ones at the outlet that looked like this [​IMG]
  10. Those are really cute, Kidlearner and PyAri!
  11. That matches my swingpack I got at the outlet for our vacation in March. Don't know why I didn't get a wristlet then - off to call the outlet now.
  12. I bought this for a gift one time and it's really cute!!! Wish I'd kept it now.