nycmom please check your chain handle.

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  1. I've noticed on my chain Betty bag that the leather support strap on the top sits inverted. IOW the seams are open on the top and the smooth part wants to fall on my shoulder with the Chloe stamp along with it?

    Mind you I can have the smooth side up but the chains are slightly askew and I'm tired of fighting it so I don't? I know the bag is authentic since it was purchased through BG.

    Nycmom are you grappling with the same issue with your black Betty? Is Chloe known for having quirky little mistakes like this?:graucho:
  2. Oooops I'm a big nerd, posting to my post. Nycmom I studied your picture on the chain Betty that you presented in mid December and guess what? The seams are sitting upward and the smooth side is facing down. One would have thought it was suppose to be the other way around (finished side for all to see?).

    So "mom" you helped me without even knowing it LOL!!
  3. i had the same question/concern at first and studied the photo on!:lol: (i think it may be because it's more comfortable on the shoulder with the seam side up)?