NYC ladies

  1. i'm going to NYC to visit two of my girlfriends that live in manhattan. We're going out the first night to a friend's 30th (old) bday party and I will see lots of people I haven't seen in forever...

    what are the trends in the NYC bars these days? I'm not sure which bar it is, but it's definately not a dancing night club and probably will be a more trendy bar with the bottle service and what not.

    skinny jeans? boots over pants? flowy tanks? sweaters? halters?

    help me out!
  2. For a trendy bar look, I'm envisioning the SATC girls night-out to posh nightclub Bed.

    You can try:

    For the fashionista who doesn't care what others think: Quirky dress a la Vivienne Westwood that hits just above the knee, footless tights that end just below the knee, heeled pumps and clutch.

    For the play safe sexy girl: lacy top that bares just the right amount of clevage, but not overtly sexy that would look skanky, wide leg trousers and pumps with clutch.

    For the one who lives in jeans: obligatory skinny jeans in black (screams rock 'n' roll, a diamante studded tank (Rock&Republic do some great ones) and stilletos.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I like the Vivienne Westwood idea! I LOVE Vivienne Westwood....
  4. The trend that's big with the fashion people is severe, dark colors (ie lots of black), and non-sparkly, non-showy clothes, like simple black or gray wool dresses with leggings and chunky shoes. Day dresses are very big. So are skinny jeans (but really depends on where you go.) Think Marc Jacobs with less layers.

    Of course not everyone wears that.... Color, cleavage, and a bit of sparkle will always be popular at lounges. I would stay away from too covered up because it will be hot. No boots over jeans. Of course some people wear that but it will be hot. It's a more sophisticated look this season so a dress is always welcome. Don't go overboard. Simplicity works really well right now.

    Check out Intermix ( or Scoop ( for what's popular among publicists and girls who party a lot.

    Have fun!