NYC 5th Ave Real Live Groom

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  1. Anybody seen him? The same guy is there day after day. Can I take him home with me?

    He's hot.:heart:
  2. picture please . . .

  3. My thoughts exactly! :yes:
  4. people keep telling us about alive groom but no pics??

    I want to see the pics especially if he's hot..:P
  5. I know I have to bring my camera with me!!!! I always see girls posing with him.
  6. GAhh.. everyone and their teasing of me with information about this real Groom. I want real groom photos !!!
  7. I saw him! And YES he is hot!
  8. I want to see a picture.
  9. lol, someone take a picture of the hot groom!! im dying to see too...
  10. Does he stand still in front of the store or does he go around like a Mascot?
    If he's so hot I'd go up to him and take a picture with him!!
  11. Ok, I agree with the others! Please post pics! I want to see if he is HOT!
  12. ahhhhh...stop this cat and mouse game.."I saw a groom!" Very well, where are the pics???
  13. I want to see a pic of this come on stop the teasing and show us the pic
  14. Picture Picture Picturee!!!
  15. He basically just acts like a doorman and takes pictures with people...he's holding a nice structured briefcase with the groom red and white stripe.
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