Ny Speeding ticket

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  1. About how much do they run ( cost )..... I got my first speeding ticket back in july and lost the paper i had for it ...

    So i wanted to know if anyone has gotten a speeding to ticket in NY??
    (I was in Troy/albany ) about how much do i have to look forward to paying .....:rolleyes:

  2. Hmm how much over were you speeding. I remember maybe a year ago my father was speeding upstate,and got a $60 ticket. I would call the ticket department of that county where you reccived the ticket to ask how much you owe.
  3. thanks

    I will do that
  4. I was doing while over 55 the posted limited , that i Flew by :rolleyes:
  5. My last ticket was on I94 in Indiana... 20MPH over the speed limit cost me $150.
  6. Its been awhile, but my last ticket in NY cost me about $200+ for about 20 MPH over speed limit. Got ticketed by a state trooper upstate.