NY - Mobile Art Exhibit

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  1. The "alien" shaped pod lands, as we all know, in NY in the Fall. The location will be Central Park. :tup:

    No decision yet as to which bag will be the NY commemorative purse.

    Road trip!!!

    I'd love nothing more than to cebrate my birthday in the pod and bring home a commemorative purse. (Well, I'm sure I could stretch love nothing more a bit further to the 2010 in Paris, but I'll be practical for once.)
  2. Thanks for sharing, Judy.

    I hope to see it either in London or in Paris.
  3. Will it come to any other US cities?
  4. Hi some info I found at the MA website:
    HK (Feb-Apr 08)
    Tokyo (Jun 08)
    NY (Sep 08)
    London (Jun 09)
    Moscow (Sep 09)
    Paris (Jan 10)

    And here's the cover of the Mobile Art exhibition publication I got in the HK exhibition:

  5. I was worried it was only coming to NYC. I've already got 2 Chanel/Shopping trips planned this spring/summer. DH won't be too pleased when I tell him about a possible 3rd trip to NYC.:sweatdrop:
  6. im there judy!
  7. LOL, you're funny.:flowers:
  8. looks like ny for me, too, if they're not bringing the show to LA.
  9. Wouldn't it be cool a'shaker to have a tpf'er meet in NY to see the exhibit or what!!!! Maybe we could get a group discount at a hotel.

    If you haven't seen the interior pics of the exhibit with the humongous purse lying on its side, google Chanel Mobile Exhibit and be ready for a treat. Reminds me of Charlie and the Choc Factory but for Chanel addicts. Hey, that's us!!
  10. Jmen,
    "tpf'er meet in NY to see the exhibit" sounds a fun and good idea, I would like to go. I am in NJ, it would be a day trip for me.
  11. After the tour, you can purchase a signed reissue?? How does this work?
  12. Actually u can purchase the mobile art bag from Chanel boutique, may be u want to put your name down at NYC boutique... just my suggestion. :P

  13. It has not yet been decided which bag will be the special bag for NYC.
  14. I have already put my name down for the bag even though as of last week the decision had not been made, but it's being discussed. You can always pass on the bag, if you don't want what comes out, imo. Am hoping in the next month to 6 weeks, the decision will be made.

    Mon, please let us know the opening date and bag info as soon as you hear. I tend to get swamped and time passes faster than I can say pass the ketchup, please.

    When we get definite word on exhibit dates, we can revisit trying to set up a meet and greet.
  15. :woot: That's great idea!
    LOVE Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!
    Chocolate & Chanel are simply the best combo! :lol: