NV DE or Totally DE??? Need help

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  1. Honestly, I don't like NV for one reason - it has no zipper. But I like the idea of cinching it on the sides - its like a tote with 2 different looks. So I'm kinda leaning towards the Totally, specially now that LV is releasing it in DE. But then I read other TPFers idea of using a purse organizer, so I'm starting to consider NV (just a hairline) plus it's cheaper compare to Totally. Btw, I know everyone suggests to get Totally in MM size, but I'm thinking of just getting either bag in PM. I would like to ask for comparison pictures between Totally in MM/PM and NV PM/MM and suggestions on how I can enjoy NV than Totally or vice versa. Please help me decide. I'm really torn between the two now. :crybaby::shrugs::panic::panic:

    PS. I was so determined to get Totally until yesterday, when I showed Totally DE to my SIL. Her initial reaction was like "MK has this tote style". I mean I have nothing against the brand, I have MK purses. My most loved wallet is MK Hamilton. But it just made me think and feel confused all over again.
  2. Which bag is the NV ? I do not think the Totally looks like the MK bags. MK also makes a bag that is similar to the speedy but again, its not a speedy and imo is no where near as gorgeous as the classic iconic speedy. You have to get what you love and do not let others sway your decision. gl :smile:
  3. Totally is much nicer with the hardware, zipper top, and organizational pockets. Neverfull is super casual and for me, I see Azur and Mono as more casual prints than DE. I personally had a DE Neverfull for 4 months and it cracked. Although many have had good luck, I can't recommend it.
  4. She means Neverfull.

  5. ooopppssss sorry yes I mean NF not NV for Neverfull. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. Awww ok :biggrin: No biggie :smile:
  7. I would go for the Neverfull it holds a lot more :smile: good luck!
  8. Totally, hands down! It's such a great bag. I never carry my Neverful DE. It sits in my closet unloved. But I already have both a mono and azur totally and planning on adding the DE.

    As far as MK making this style, yes he does have one similar. I believe LV came up with the style first, if I'm not mistaken. I also like MK bags, but you are talking about two completely different price points.
  9. I like the look of the NF best. That being said, if you love the DE Totally, you should go for it. I wouldn't let the MK bag influence my decision. Many brands have similar styles, doesn't make it the same bag.
  10. Yeah MK has the Totally styled- tote.
    Personally, I like both. I did prefer the Totally, but it had too much vachetta for me to maintain. But it has a zipper, and so I preferred it over NF. But NF has its own charm. It is a difficult decision. You can always go the store and get a feel for it.
  11. Guess you're all right, LV and MK are two very different brands.
    I prolly just go to the store then see and feel them both. My heart goes to Totally DE and my mind is just "totally" confused I guess. So lets see!!!! :thinking::thinking::ty:
  12. NF is one of my favorite bags! Good luck!
  13. i would definitely choose totally. i actually purchased the nf but returned it for fear of the cracking issue with the straps. hoping that since the totally has hardware for the straps to swivel on they won't bend and crack like the nf. then there is the zipper which i love. i am familiar with the mk totes ( not really a fan of mk tho) but i would go with the totally hands down. in fact i already preordered one for myself. best of luck!
  14. I've never owned the Totally, but I tried the DE pm yesterday, and the straps were way too stiff. The strap drop on the Totally pm makes it easier to throw over your shoulder vs. NF pm, so that may be something for you to consider. For me, I just like the look of the NF. I have it in mono pm, and use it with this purse organizer. Good luck on your decision!
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  15. I am torn like you. One minute I plan to get the Totally pm in de and then I think I want the NF mm in de. Quite a few times I think Totally pm in de will be my choice mainly because of the zipper, then I end up seeing picture or actually see the Neverfull mm being worn by someone while I am out and then I am confused again. I do like the Neverfull for how it looks on and I like the totally for the zip and comfort. So it boils down to practicality vs. style. A lot of women on TPF love their Neverfulls and find them easy to use, some say the straps are not comfortable. You can watch some youtube reviews and research TPF for more views and ideas. Let us know what you decide, good luck!