Nuria... I need your advice, ladies!

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  1. This is my first post in the CL forum, hello all!!! :yahoo:

    I am in need of some advice! My fabulous SA at Barneys just called me about an entirely different pair of CL's that I had ordered in to say they had arrived, yay!!! However, when I arrived at Barneys, I spotted these lovelies:,default,pd.html

    The price is amazing, and I just love them - but I'm not sold. I need your opinions, ladies, what do you think about these gladiators? Be honest, I won't be hurt! ;)
  2. They are pretty and casual for nice Sunday at the park walking my cute dog... but when I think of CL... I want sparks! and High Heels! and sexy peep toe! hehehe
  3. I agree! I love the luxury and sexiness of CL's - his heels are second to none! I've got a few of his heels and I love them, as painful as they are, but I live in AZ and it's going to summer here, like, tomorrow! :P

    In our heat, any type of heel that isn't a sandal isn't really practical due to the fact that your feet will inevitably sweat and slide down into the toe. Ouch! So I thought perhaps the Nuria would be a subtle way to still rock the CL's without the discomfort of trying to stay put in a sweaty heel - yuck!! ;)
  4. I completely understand your need for sandals!! I live in FL and we definitely get the heat down here too. I have a few pair of flat CL sandals and LOVE them! I like the Nuria! That being said, I have a hard time paying full price for CL sandals. Every pair I've gotten has been on super sale or on eBay. I feel like there are a lot of good sandals out there for a lot less. I, personally, would rather spend my CL money on some CL heels. It is 100% YOUR preference, though!

    BTW- shoes like the Nuria usually make it to sale.
  5. So you feel my pain!! :P

    I've been scouring the internet for like an hour now, and I can't find them ANYWHERE for cheaper than Barney's price. Perhaps it's because they are new.

    You're right, I would bet the price of the shoe itself that they will make it to the sales rack, but I honestly want them now, and I'm afraid I won't be able to find my size!

    This said, my other issue is the wear of the soul. Seeing as these are flat, is all the red going to go bye bye when worn??? :shucks:
  6. If you really want them, get them!!! You gotta go with your gut and your heart. You KNOW you'll wear them all the time so that right there is worth the money. Besides, you never know if your size will be available come sale time.

    Yes, the red does go away, eventually. When it gets too worn down you can have red rubber soles put on them and they will be like new (if you want to do this).
  7. Ok, so here is my little rant on the red rubber soles... My SA at Barneys recommended a cobbler here in SD who puts the red rubber soul on just where the wear on heels occurs. Long story short, the cobbler completely messed up my CL's twice, so Barneys actually ended up giving me a brand new pair. They also do not recommend this cobbler to any clients now. So basically, for me having had this experience, that isn't an option. Boo! :sad:
  8. those are nice sandals but like others, if i'm spending the $$ on cl, i was some va-va-voom heels or something.
  9. Well, I agree; however, these are only like $90 more than a pair of Tory Burch gladiators I have, soooo....... :graucho:
  10. I think they are cute, and no more expensive than other designer sandals!
  11. #11 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    Thanks, JetSet.

    I think I will drag a girlfriend along to Barneys after work today to see how they feel on. I guess my biggest worry is what to do about wearing all of the red off of the bottom, seeing as these are flats. Do you have any advice, short of lacquering the bottom like a wood floor?? :P

    PS - Your Miu Miu Plisse tote..... In your bag collection... I'm in love. Must have. Where did you get it???
  12. I think they are adorable! I love CL flats, low heels, and high heels and own something in every category. My flats do lose their red bottoms in the front and back but the center stays red. I think they are worth the money because I wear my lower heels more often then my higher heels. I don't have places to wear heels everyday but flats are for everyday, KWIM. Post pics in the lower heel thread if you buy them.;)
  13. Ok, I'm really glad to know that only the front and back are affected! Perhaps a couple clear sole stopperz would do the trick here...??? :nuts:
  14. Seems that you are sold already. If they make you happy, get them.
  15. OP, if you really want to save the red on the bottom you can always send them away to a very reputable cobbler to put vibrams on them. i don't know of any in AZ so when i end up moving there (hopefully sooner than later) i'm going to plan to send my heels to new york.