Nude Satin NP/VP with Black Lace Overlay?????

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  1. Does anyone have these? If so are they terribly fragile? Pictures??????
  2. I have them. They ARE. Sorta.. I fell in them down about 4 stairs outside. It was not pretty (the fall and the remains of my shoe).

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. So, would you recommend that I pass on them for something less fragile?
  4. eh.. it just depends. Where are you going to be wearing them to? How hard are you on your shoes? I'd buy another pair in a hearbeat but I would just scotch guard the heck out of them before I wore them.
  5. I'm not hard on my shoes at all. They're fairly occassional and I don't work in an office---I work from home but travel for business. I'm just trying to round out my collection and have wanted a lace overlay shoe and the NP seems perfect. I have nothing nude in my collection, however I do have black satin VP's, black patent NP's and black leather Piaf 85's and Armadillo's.
  6. I have them and I love them, they run the same as my vp's, I would say they are comparable to any other satin shoe would be, thats what I have experianced.... I say they are definately a great addition in any Cl girl's collection :yes:[​IMG]
  7. These are such a gorgeous shoe. If they are only going to be an occasional shoe then I'd go for them.
  8. I own the black/nude in the NP and I also own the cream/gold lace Moonbow yoyo 110. They are fragile, but I'm sure you are careful with your Louboutins. I wouldn't worry about ruining them. I'm actually wearing the NP to a wedding next weekend with a black satin A-line dress. It will be their debut. LOL
  9. Here are mine... were mine shall I say.. LOL Nude YoYo Zeppas

  10. Gorgeous! We are twins. Have you worn yours yet? I have been waiting for the right evening to wear them. :jammin:
  11. Natassha those are exceptionally beautiful!!

    Shoeaddict your are beautiful as well!!!
  12. Thanks Asha & Lo:P.... Yes, I wore them to a black tie in the bahama's, I got quite the looks at them mostly from woman lol
  13. Don't say that. Now I must have them. :P They look beautiful on you Natassha.
  14. These are the one's I'm considering..... Pros/Cons on the colors????

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  15. My lace is a lot different than yours Natassha... I think I like yours better.