Nude pumps

  1. I'm looking for some other brands of Nude pumps other than CL.....When i look it up on google I cant really find any nice ones...nice heel & nice shape of shoe...Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. thank you crylater3!!! i really appreciate it =) i actually tried on those guess platform pumps but they never carry 5's at the store...those guess mary jane's are actually real cute!! i was at guess today and didn't see them....

    they dont have to be designer...i love trying different shoes and for my budget, i shouldnt even be buying designer shoes! lol
  3. You are welcome, you are such a cute girl that anything would look good on you YKWIM?? lmao.. I tried them on too, they are so cute but they didnt have 6 either, it is a little hard to find small and cute shoes, I think they sell superfast or perhaps they are not even made on those sizes. I always have trouble finding cute shoes too. I was boot shooping today and uuugggg what a pain in the a**, it was hard to find my size but I did and now I dont even know if I should keep them.
  4. LOL you're funny :lol: yeah, i dont think alot of the guess stores sell a size 5 or 5 1/2 =( OOH what boots did you buy!??? I wanna seeeeee =)
  5. I went to Nine West. I do like their shoes. And they have my size. I wanned something higher but I am a little short and all the tall boots were above my knee, too striper type IMO, lol. And the other ones were too low so whatever, I am going somewhere else tomorrow, I wont give up till I find the perfect ones. Now, should I keep them??, I am 90% sure I will return them by monday, darn it. I always do that. I buy things and take them back like two days after :roflmfao:
    IMG_4797.JPG IMG_4810.JPG IMG_4794.JPG
  6. hmm seems like you are going to return them! they are cute though i have some pointy boots like these from bakers and i barely wear them anymore...i'm feeling the Below-the Knee boot but i know wht you short also and its hard to find one the perfect length! but hey it seems as if the olsen twins dont have a prob ... but then again i sure as hell cannot afford $2000 boots lol. What other stores did you check out when shopping for boots? have you tried charles david? they have cute boots =)
  7. I went to BCBG, Aldo, Macys, Saks, Banana Republic, Coach. I even went to TJ maxx, lol. That is all I have available. I was looking online but I hate doing returns this way. I, also cant afford $2000 boots. Tomorrow, DH would take me to this place where there is tons of shoes, dont know the name never been there, hopefully I'll find something. Somebody was telling me about Charles david too, or something like that, she had the prettiest flat riding boots on. I might go there too.