Now You See H, Now You Don't: Camo H

  1. Good thing you're not in the army BBC ;)

    Now pass over that chocolate, it's my favourite flavour :drool:
  2. 1E2436C2-AB33-4A3C-B35C-CAF772CC78B6.jpeg 6B365DE5-5E06-4701-AD40-A4F4AD57B894.jpeg C6CF17E4-8E0F-4C6A-9359-D840E2EB6A73.jpeg
    Having a bit of fun today!
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  4. OMG I just found it after I read your post! I didn't see it at first hahahaa
  5. I love this thread!!
    It makes me smile every time I come over! :heart:
    I love seeing everyone’s gorgeous bags, creativity, beautiful photos and sense of humor! :hbeat:
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  7. I had to go back to find the Roulis!
    Great job @seasounds!
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  9. Out and about with a girlfriend, in a furniture store.
  10. :lol:! I missed the Roulis completely until I read Pessie and Yoshi's posts. I went back over the thread looking perhaps for another seasouds' post; where's the Roulis? Where's the Roulis? Where's the Roulis? What Roulis????! OMG NOW I see it :lol: So brilliant seasounds
  11. Great minds thought alike too, pretty as a picture and pretty perfect. The hue looks beautiful sitting on velvet, very fitting and elegant.
  12. The chair is super comfy too! It was this quirky little home / furniture store in the west end.
  13. You will have to give me details for when we do our bedrooms :tup:

    Does that chair come in Rouge H, Feu, Orange Poppy, Bougainvillea, Potiron or Gold? :biggrin: ;)

    The cats would like the velvet but I'm not sure I'd like the cats liking the velvet.
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  14. unfortunately as far as we could see in the shop, no. but they do have one in Blue Atoll in this particular style! :biggrin:
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  15. Thanks everyone! PT, love that your thread idea enables us to show some creativity!
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