Now You See H, Now You Don't: Camo H

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  1. Let's have some FUN! This thread is a light-Hearted vision of trying to (or incidentally) match our bags with their environment or crazy things (or vice versa)

    I found this 'Bambou' sofa at work. Just don't sit on my bag!

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  2. Interesting fun thread
  3. Very cool idea!
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  4. Great thread idea!
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  5. Love this - challenge accepted! [emoji8]
  6. I don't have anything to contribute yet but I must say it's a fun thread!
  7. Bag? what bag?:lol:
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  8. LOL it was a shock to me (perhaps not, this is the fashion dept :P)

    Though I don't have to match outfit (or even environment) sometimes the eye adjusts and when taking a pic of bag/boots or bag/scarf it looks close but when I look at the photo later I see the undertones are slightly different but this time I was shocked.
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  9. Plenty of time ;)
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  10. :ghi5:
  11. Hoping @Tonimichelle will not mind me adding this pic here, it's just the best :flowers:

    Bird and bag in a harmony of Turquoise. One of my favourite pics

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  12. bag and strap matches sofa and cushion cover :biggrin:

    DSC_4408.jpg DSC_4405.jpg
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  14. Total coincidence. This is a cafe in Marrakech!
  15. Excellent match!
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