Now what shall I do..

  1. Hello fellow Fendi lovers!

    First time in this side of tPF ^^; I've got kind of a predicament, you can say.

    Back when I was naive and believe anything on eBay listed as authentic, I believed it was authentic.. (boy was I stupid XD) and I purchased a Fendi Baguette in babyblue with tannish leather trim.. anyways.. I was going thru some cleaning of my room and forgot all about it til today.. (mind you I bought this back around 2004) and I could clearly notice that this little bag was fake.. how? well the serial number is totally off and the stitching inside is coming all lose.. i'm pretty sure Fendi would never make a bag that has poor stitching! Especially when it hasn't been used for 4 years!!

    Now.. here is my question.. what shall I do with this bag? I don't want to just toss it.. feels kind of a waste.. I did spend money on it. I want to do something interesting to it.. maybe.. cut it up and look at the insides maybe? Haha.. I really have no idea. ^^;

    Was wondering if any of your lovely tPF could give me ideas? XD
    This is all from pure boredem as well! XD
  2. M -- just to make sure I would recommend you submit photos to the authenticate this FENDI thread...because fendi did make blue zucchino bags with tan leather. If it was sold to you new, then it should not fall apart so easily, but if it was sold to you as a used bag, then sometimes there are lining issues...:yes:

    If it is truly a fake, thenI say :mad: burn it !! :devil:
  3. Mono -- like BL said, get it authenticated in Authenticate This.

    Fendi does not use indestructible thread or materials. Whether cheap knock-off or couture, any item's threading can and at some point probably will come undone or become loose. That's not an authenticating feature, for any designer bag.

    Yes, baugettes are widely copied but also wildly popular and accessible. Perhaps you do own an authentic Fendi, loose thread aside.

    Also, what serial number are you speaking of? Serial numbers in older baugettes are STAMPED, on the inside pocket in a contrasting, sometimes metallic ink. Over time, and with use, it does become faded. Could this be the "off" you're speaking of?
  4. Yep I agree you should double check at the authenticate this thread. If it is fake you could take it apart and use the materials in some creative artwork or something for the house/make a present for someone. Or...burn it:devil: If you have any emotional attachment to it you could just keep it as a memory (I know..not a good one..but you know..)
  5. xD Thanks for the idea gals!

    Well.. one thing that threw me off was besides from two other authencity cards for two authentic100% fendi's I own have very different card layouts than the baguette I have.. and the serial number on the card and stamped inside the bag is different.. inside the bag it's missing a R.. o_o;
  6. I have an older bagette too so I'm curious to see your pics and cards. Did you post in authenticate this yet?
  7. Not yets. I think I will later today! ^^;